Eco Alpha 5.5.2 Released

Posted on March 30th, 2017 08:40 AM EST
Eco Alpha 5.5.2 is now available with lot of bug fixes.

***Bug Fixes***
* Switch vehicles to use worldobject name in license plate instead of deed name
* Carts now correctly display owner's name
* Links to cart position in deed & show custom name
* Trees no longer grow on tilled soil (on top of other plants).
* Tables now display the correct room requirement with regards to other tables in the room.
* Fixed various issues with world objects ticking, which should fix instances of craft timers seemingly not working.
* fix power consumption UI wonky display
* fix interacting with tree stumps causing disconnect
* dysentery is now a curable disease
* added tooltips for contracts
* cleaned up module requirements display
* young trees are now completely killed when using axe on them
* fix an error that sometimes cause the server browser to no reappear
* fixed some avatar animations
* fixed tooltips being stuck on screen forever
* made pumpjacks fuelable before gasoline is created
* improvements to the character controller (Thanks Spydarlee!)
* downgrade back to .net 4.6, mono should fully support the server once again
* tweaks to block placement to allow for easier bridge construction
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