Blog Feed en Thu, 23 Sep 2021 20:43 CEST is a ECO servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Update 9.4.3 Released! Thu, 23 Sep 2021 20:43 CEST
  • Fixed: Harvesting grass and wheat was causing a client crash
  • Fixed: The camera was set to a fixed position when driving a vehicle as opposed to adjusting to face the direction the vehicle was moving
  • Fixed: Players were often appearing invisible to others
  • Fixed: Tool animations would not always display when viewing others use a tool
Update 9.4.3 Released! Thu, 23 Sep 2021 20:43 CEST here.]]> Update 9.4.2 released! Thu, 23 Sep 2021 03:13 CEST
Please note: Large servers may experience a longer than normal loading period when initializing properties due to a bug fix that clears out empty deeds from the database.

Civics & Contracts
  • Fixed: Custom stats for civics were still recording even when the action that triggered the stat increase was prevented
  • Fixed: Text formulas in laws could sometimes cause the server to crash and the save to become corrupted
  • Fixed: The Distribution Station was incorrectly using time played to determine if eligible to receive items, rather than using days since joining the server
  • Fixed: Contracts were unable to be marked as failed
  • Fixed: Admin command /titles unassign was not working when targeting someone besides self
  • Fixed: It was not possible to repay loans when using a personal account
  • Fixed: Amount owed for a loan contract would not always update to reflect the amount remaining after making a partial payment
Food & Nutrition
  • Added modable variables for minimum calories and minimum nutrients provided for food items to be eligible for cravings (default is 200 calories and 12 nutrients)
  • Increased default amount of calories provided for food items to be eligible to a favorite/least favorite food to 500 from 50
  • Added modable variable for minimum nutrients provided to be a favorite/least favorite (default is 50)
  • Increased default minimum calories needed to be considered for Food Variety to 100 from 50
  • Increased default number of foods needed for Food Variety bonus to be hard capped from 40 to 60
  • Fixed: Food variety bonus would instantly jump up to the hard cap of 50% bonus when reaching the soft cap of 25%
  • Fixed: Sound effect for eating was not playing
  • Added mod support for UI prefabs for a collection of variable types: Boolean, IEnumerable, Int32, and String
  • Fixed: Servers with large mods could experience slowdown when multiple people were connecting to the server for the first time and needed to download mods
  • Fixed: Quick Join & URL links would not did not properly launch with Steam version of Eco
  • Updated Localization to cover many new strings
  • Updated tooltips for Lavish Workspace and Frugal Workspace talents to indicate the crafting tables must be placed on claimed land for these talents to work
  • Property overlay is now displayed by on the map by default (It can still be disabled)
  • Fixed: Punctuation marks in chat were displaying an empty deed
  • Fixed: Pollution & sea level rise were missing statistics on the web UI
  • Fixed: Local worlds saves were unable to be sorted by date last played
  • Fixed: When scrolling in the server browser, the background shade for servers was appearing above the server list
  • Fixed: Opening the citizen object UI was showing the World Progress tab by default rather than the citizen objectives
  • Fixed: Exhaustion preference UI now displays units to indicate the number selection is based on hours
  • Fixed: There were typos in the Ecopedia "Trade" and "Property" entries
  • Fixed: After playing for a long amount of time, new chat messages and notifications would sometimes stop displaying
  • Fixed: "Setting Up Shop" achievement was not displaying an icon when unlocked
  • Fixed: When level 0 in a specialty, the experience tooltip for this specialty would display symbols rather than a number for the amount of experience needed to level up this specialty
Vehicles & Tools
  • Further polished legacy cart controls to fully restore old cart behavior
  • Fixed: Skid steer did not have its normal smooth movement when picking up rubble
  • Fixed: Vehicles could slide on ramps even when movement keys were not being pressed
  • Fixed: Vehicles would sometimes disappear when crossing zero point on the map
  • Fixed: In some situations, tools would no longer work after switching from third person view to first person
  • Fixed: When using tools in third-person view, they could have faster animations than when using them in first-person view
General Fixes:
  • Fixed: It was possible to place objects on the edge of property that overlapped into other's property
  • Fixed: Doors incorrectly required solid ground both in front of and behind the door in order to be placed in a location
  • Fixed: On rare occasions, a server would be unable to start after a restart due to being unable to load the chat
  • Fixed: Missing inventory stacks caused by removing modded items caused a NullReferenceException crash
  • Fixed: Incompatibilities in the latest Unity version were causing hard to identify client crashes
  • Fixed: Avatar could sometimes clip through the ground when moving through zero point
  • Fixed: Using command "/skills all" followed by command "point" caused Eco to freeze
Update 9.4.2 released! Thu, 23 Sep 2021 03:13 CEST here.]]> Update 9.4.1 released! Legacy Cart Controls added Wed, 25 Aug 2021 00:43 CEST legacy cart control scheme, improved mod compatibility for popular mods from 9.3, and implemented multiple bug fixes to address some of the key issues that have been impacting gameplay.

Legacy Cart Control Option
With Update 9.4, we introduced a new control scheme for carts that enabled the camera to rotate while in third person. As part of this, the control scheme for carts was changed so turning was moved to the keyboard. We have been listening closely to feedback, and found some prefer the old control scheme that allowed turning with the mouse. With this update, everyone will have the option to pick which control style they prefer. This setting can be found in the controls menu, and enabling this toggle will make carts use the old style of control.

  • Wind generators now calculate height bonus from the center of the blades instead of the top occupancy point
  • Brick Fireplace recipe moved to Kiln from Masonry Table so it can benefit from Pottery upgrades
  • Slight nutrient buff to Sunflower
  • Fixed: Seed recipes on the Farmers Table were not benefiting from increased crafting speed from upgrades
  • Fixed: Sunflower did not have increased stack size on Steam Tractor
  • Fixed: Some popular mods from 9.3 were not compatible with 9.4 due to changes in how chat handled custom commands
  • Added option to the control settings to enable legacy cart controls which uses mouse look to turn instead of the keyboard
  • Turned down camera sway when turning with a cart in first person
  • Fixed: Carts were having trouble getting enough momentum to climb ramps
  • Fixed: Carts were not able to easily transition off ramps unless the connected block was tamped with a road tool
  • Fixed: Desired purchase quantities for stores would reset to 0 when scrolling with the mouse wheel
  • Fixed: Economy Viewer was not displaying all text when using Chinese language
Other Fixes
  • Disabled option for servers to enable the experimental Education & Settlements feature
  • Decreased match score benefit when a server has the Needs Immigrants status from losing active players
  • Fixed: Setting the Specialty Cost Multiplier to 0 would cause the server to crash
  • Fixed: A desync in the client would occasionally cause a crash related to the RPCManager
Update 9.4.1 released! Legacy Cart Controls added Wed, 25 Aug 2021 00:43 CEST here.]]> Outlook after Update 9.4 Mon, 23 Aug 2021 17:17 CEST
We hope that you all had a chance to take a look on our newest Update 9.4 and are very thankful for all the feedback and bug reports we have received from you so far, this helps us a lot to improve Eco for you.

During the weekend, we've been closely monitoring all our channels and recognized that one of the most often mentioned feedbacks was about the new control mechanics, especially in regard to carts. We debated the issues brought up and have decided that we will make available an option to choose between the current control mechanics and the ones that you are used to from version 9.3; it is planned to be introduced as soon as it has been developed and tested, likely with one of the first hotfixes - stay tuned for further news about this.

We are also aware of several issues with carts and ramps and that some of you are experiencing issues with plants dying and having a wrong skill gain curve after a world migration to the new Update - we're also investigating these and all other reported issues and will provide you with more information and fixes as soon as they are available.

The first hotfix is already being worked on and will include the awaited fix needed for some mods to be able to update to 9.4. The modding community is very important to us and we want to make sure that you can play with the mods you love as soon as possible!

Thanks a lot for reading and please continue to send us your constructive feedback :)]]>
Outlook after Update 9.4 Mon, 23 Aug 2021 17:17 CEST here.]]> Update 9.4 released! Food Expansion, Avatar Upgrade & Power Generation Rework Fri, 20 Aug 2021 04:15 CEST Eco Update 9.4! With this update comes a load of new content, gameplay mechanics, and performance improvements.

One major focus of this update was to provide more ways to express yourself via the avatar, including new animated emotes and avatar customization choices, We expanded the game with thirty new food items representing well known dishes from around the world. In addition, producing green energy is more realistic, requiring placement with proper access to the elements.

We have also been hard at work at optimization, both for the Eco client and for server calculations. You should notice significantly smoother gameplay, though optimization will continue to be a primary focus for us in future updates. Last but not least, we had a heavy focus on bug fixes and other general improvements with a full list of changes included below.

Power Generation Updates
With Update 9.4, we have upgraded the mechanics for power generation objects that use solar, wind, and water to produce energy to encourage more natural placements.

Waterwheels now require flowing water to function. This means they must be placed in either rivers or underneath waterfalls, and they will produce bonus power when meeting both conditions.

Wind generators and solar panels both must be placed outside to function. Solar panels require vertical clearance to operate at full capacity while wind generators require horizontal clearance. In addition, wind generations will produce bonus energy based on their elevation level.

New Hairstyles and Outfits
A big focus for us going forward will be to expand the options for customizing the avatar. With update 9.4, we have added a collection of new hairstyles, including some with a more feminine style, with many more to come in the future.

In Update 9.3 we added a collection of new set clothing. With this update, we will be adding two more new outfits: the Chef set and the Explorer set.

Animated Emotes & Third Person Camera Improvements
We have added a large collection of new emotes, from poses, to reactions, to dances. Emotes are activated with slash commands, for example /cheer. To see the full list of emotes, type /emote in game. We would love to hear ideas from the community for other animations you would like to see added.

We have also made significant improvements to the third person camera to allow better views and more flexibility when adjusting the camera. This includes the ability to zoom in and out, to rotate the camera while moving, and to allow full 360-degree rotation.

New Food Content
We are introducing a large collection of new food content inspired by various international cuisines. These include foods like sushi, enchiladas, Pad Thai, pizza, and donuts. More recipes will have fish as an ingredient to provide more value for fishing. This will add plenty of additional options for food variety, as well as just add some additional flavor to our existing food selection.

If you want even more than that, Update 9.4 includes an experimental feature-set that server owners can choose to use that will change how the skill gain via food works.

The Food Variety Multiplier, when enabled, adds a bonus to skill point gain for having a diverse meal plan while lowering your skill gain when you ate your fiftieth Charred Papaya today.

The Food Tastiness Multiplier on the other hand assigns every player on the server a random, genetic preference towards specific tastes in five tiers, from "Delicious" to "Horrible". You don't know what your tastes are until you have tried eating something to know if you like it. If this feature is enabled, eating what you really like will give you a big boost for skill gain - while eating what you dislike will give you a penalty, creating demand for a larger selection of food.

Choose your side.

Maybe you will even find yourself with a craving for something in particular...

Exhaustion System for Public Servers
The new optional exhaustion system allows server admins to limit the amount of time per day a single player can play unrestricted on their server. This feature is designed for servers that would like to level the playing field for players who have less time to play each day or would prefer a more casual pace.

Once a player has reached the configured number of hours during a day in server time, they are prevented from performing actions that require spending calories, including using tools and adding labor into a crafting project. Any actions that do not require the consumption of calories can still be done; for example, you can still drive around with motorized vehicles, transport goods and chat and trade with other players.

Players can specify a preference on a exhaustion limit and servers that have a exhaustion limit that is around that time will get a bonus to their match score in the server browser.

Tip: If your preference has changed, you can bring up this menu again by clicking on "Set Play Times" in the games menu.

Please keep in mind that this is only a first version of this feature and that it is disabled for servers by default - it is intended to be used optionally by servers that wish to limit their players' playtime. We plan to significantly expand on this feature in Update 9.5, including a dedicated UI and the ability to earn a rested status by not playing for several days.

Eco RCON Support
We are introducing a new Eco RCON tool that allows server owners to remotely control their servers without being logged in to Eco for easy administration or automated processes. It is a TCP based communication protocol that allows admin commands to be issued to the server via a "remote console". Full details can be found on the Eco wiki:

This update contains many improvements to performance. One notable optimization affects Chunk Loading - you should no longer see vehicles dropping into underground holes due to the chunk not yet being fully loaded and the game will now actively prevent you from driving into unloaded chunks as well. In general, the performance should be noticeable more stable. Here are some of the key improvements:
  • Optimized LOD system for rendering objects in the distance
  • Optimization calculations involving large deeds especially when unclaiming
  • Optimized the database system that results in faster performance and smaller file sizes
  • Reduced server impact for civics ticks and room value calculations that will result in less lag spikes for large servers during these times
  • Optimized logic for frequent plant spawner calculations
  • Optimized interactions when mining with Improved Tool Strength talent
  • Optimized calculations that occurred when sea level rise was occurring
  • Fixed memory leak when highlighting a block
General Improvements

In addition to the changes listed above, we are including a collection of general improvements to both help game play and make life easier for server admins. These range from adding a new animal species, to graphics improvements, to just general QoL changes.
  • New Prairie Dog animal that lives in the grasslands
  • Improved visual effects when harvesting plants
  • Improved logic for Elevator Call Post so it will control the closest elevator and no others
  • You can now sit on either side of a bench (or any seat with no back)
  • Reduced frequency for shouting "Timber" while logging, though it will always occur if no trees have been cut in the past 30 minutes
  • Improved audio when a tree is falling
  • Graphics improvements in less well-lit areas to improve contrast
  • Improved property overlay visibility at different light conditions
  • Expanded inventory sounds to include picking up items
  • Fuel storage is no longer linked by default when placing stores and crafting tables
  • Added ability to join servers via a weblink. For full details check the related wiki article
  • Added an automatic server backup before migration to an upgraded version starts
  • Added a new error message when failing to start a server if the cause is that the save is corrupted
  • Chat API has been reintroduced and now endpoints require admin authentication
  • Meat category in Ecopedia renamed to Raw Meat
  • Papaya now categorized as plant in Ecopedia, while Saguaro Cactus is now categorized as a tree
  • Improved animations in images for server categories in server browser
Balance Changes
Update 9.4 has a large variety of balance changes in addition to the expansion of Chef profession with new food choices. Some key changes are faster movement speed, various changes to plant spread behavior to increase player impact on the ecosystem, and the first cart is introduced sooner and can be crafted without research. Here is the full list of changes:
  • Player movement speed increased by 10%
  • Small Wood Cart is now crafted by Logging specialty
  • Plants will only spread if there is a living member of the species nearby
  • New progression for which specialties craft Modern Upgrades:
    Advanced Smelting -> Industry -> Composites -> Electronics
  • All Modern Upgrade recipes labor cost changed to 1000
  • Upgraded hammer tiers now unlock the additional multi-box fill types, with only Point and Line types being available on the Stone Hammer
  • Hammer speed increased
  • Starter Campsite now starts with a Stone Machete instead of a Torch Stand
  • All Research Papers experienced provided by crafting reduced by 25%
  • Added nutrient and moisture constraints for Cotton
  • Reduced initial spawn percentage of Cotton
  • Adjusted diet for Jaguar so they are less likely to wander into other biomes
  • Fish trap no longer functions in salt water
  • Pastry Dough is now crafted by Baking
  • Bread carbs & protein increased, fat and vitamins decreased. Recipe cost increased to 2 Leavened Dough
  • Baked Meat now provides more protein than fat
  • Reintroduced Clean Moon Jellyfish recipe on Fishery
  • CO2 Canister is now an item instead of a food
  • Lumber Door recipe cost adjusted to match Softwood/Hardwood variants
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Audio when chopping trees would sometimes stop playing
  • Fixed: Inventory movement sound was not playing when using Ctrl+Click to move items
  • Fixed: Elections for titles with multiple winning candidates were selecting the incorrect winners for candidates after the highest vote receiver
  • Fixed: It was possible to bypass laws that prevented producing air pollution by rapidly clicking the button to turn on an air polluting object
  • Fixed: Constitution amendments were not correctly displaying as invalid when viewed from the Civics tab on the Amendment world object
  • Fixed: It was possible to exceed the daily limit for giving reputation by using work parties after using the reputation UI to give someone a review with 0 reputation
  • Fixed: It was not possible to give reputation to players with a quotation mark in their name
  • Fixed: Tooltip for Elected Title's "Who Can Remove From Office" incorrectly stated this action happens at a Ballot Box instead of an Executive Office
  • Fixed: Requirements for Admin Demographic listed "Citizen is an admin" twice
  • Fixed: Adjusting a law that referenced player statistics on very high population servers could occasionally cause a save to become corrupted if the adjustment happened while the stat was being calculated
  • Fixed: Currency transaction could sometimes result in a failure when the owner had less than 0.01 of the currency needed due to rounding errors from previous transactions with a percent cost
  • Fixed: It was possible to create two currencies with the same name
  • Fixed: Work party tooltips did not update to reflect ingredients and labor that had already been added
  • Fixed: The "Put Items in Container" contract tooltip was not updating with the remaining items needed after some items, but not all, had been placed in the container
  • Fixed: Visual holes in water could appear when adding and removing blocks
  • Fixed: Sign text was not visible when viewed behind glass or water
  • Fixed: Stockpile visualizer for trucks was not displaying secondary materials for blocks like Glass
  • Fixed: When Lumber was attached on top of Glass, one side of the lumber would turn invisible
  • Fixed: Black shadow meshes would occasionally appear on borders between certain block forms
  • Fixed: When using the Land Claim Stake, the edge of the property highlight became blurred with neighboring blocks if they were located at a higher elevation
  • Fixed: Custom blocks created in the ModKit were not appearing in game
Plants & Animals
  • Fixed: It was possible for plants to recover from extinction
  • Fixed: Joshua Tree's crown was behaving strangely after being cut down
  • Fixed: Alligators would sometimes despawn when stepped on
  • Fixed: Plants would sometimes block the avatar creation screen after joining a server for the first time
Rent & Residency
  • Fixed: Residency invitations were not appearing for Registrar titles if the invitation happened before being added to the title
  • Fixed: Housing values for deeds with no residents were displaying incorrect values
  • Fixed: Residents could not open doors for property they were a resident on if they did not have full authorization on the property
  • Fixed: When creating a rent offer, the currency used was not defaulting to Global Default Currency (it can still be manually changed)
  • Fixed: House value was not updating correctly after transferring or unclaiming property
Tools & Vehicles
  • Fixed: Vehicles would sometimes fall below the surface when moving faster than the chunks were loading
  • Fixed: Carts were jumping in place when blocks or ramps were placed nearby
  • Fixed: Using the hammer to place blocks would occasionally cause a disconnect with the error "Failed to handle RPCResponse"
  • Fixed: Excavator would spam the dig action after being prevented by a law
  • Fixed: Crane arm had strange behavior when crossing zero point on the map
  • Fixed: Crane would still function while the escape menu was open
  • Fixed: 3rd person tool animations were not perfectly synced up which became noticeable after holding the interact button for an extended period of time
  • Fixed: It was possible to speed up tool animations beyond the intended amount by clicking for a fraction of a second to cancel the animation
  • Fixed: Shot arrows would disappear when crossing zero point on the map
  • Fixed: Fish trap had incorrect world occupancy and so could be placed in walls
  • Fixed: Weight values for vehicles in the storage UI were incorrectly splitting between two lines
  • Fixed: Hovering over a Tag ingredient in the crafting UI was displaying talents benefits unrelated to the tag
  • Fixed: Hovering over icons during the tutorial were not highlighting correctly
  • Fixed: Item tooltips & Ecopedia reference section were not displaying icon background colors for things like Research Papers
  • Fixed: Other players' icons on the minimap often had jerky movement
  • Fixed: Mouse cursor was not changing to a hand pointer when highlighting the disconnect button
  • Fixed: During the Campsite Tutorial, moving the Campsite item to a different slot in action bar would not cause the tutorial arrow to follow.
  • Fixed: Buttons in Treasury UI had text exceeding the boundary of the buttons
  • Fixed: Pressing Enter while a world was loading would cause the Chat UI to appear prematurely
  • Fixed: Highlight marker for editing deeds on the minimap would disappear after toggling any layers within the World Layers tab.
  • Fixed: When moving a tool, the durability bar would sometimes remain in the original inventory slot
  • Fixed: Stockpile UI could get stuck open if opening Block Forms UI before closing
  • Fixed: Pressing the skill window hotkey multiple times before the skill tutorial was completed would cause multiple confirmation boxes to appear that would each have to be closed
  • Fixed: Species with composite names (Ex: Snapping Turtle) were displayed without a space
  • Fixed: Images in Eco News on title screen were often appearing after a delay
  • Fixed: The mouse cursor would continuously flicker when pointed at the border of a text with a hint popup
  • Fixed: Long usernames and passwords would exceed their respective text boxes on the title screen
  • Fixed: Chat channel names would appear stretched out and vertical with exceptionally long chat messages.
  • Fixed: Ecopedia frames for selected pages would display incorrectly when toggling "Show Undiscovered" while a page that was selected became hidden
  • Fixed: "Can't send string as localizable, because it has too many arguments" error message would occasionally appear in the server logs of very large servers
  • Fixed: Tutorial was not automatically displaying the next step when a previous step was completed
Update 9.4 released! Food Expansion, Avatar Upgrade & Power Generation Rework Fri, 20 Aug 2021 04:15 CEST here.]]> Update 9.3.6 released! Thu, 08 Jul 2021 21:41 CEST Update 9.3.6 has been released and addresses the following issues:
  • Fixed a bug with WebUI that could result in severe sever lag with frequent chat requests
  • Improved handling of chat history that will result in smaller file sizes for larger saves
  • Two new sand concentration recipes for the Screening Machine and Sensor Based Belt Sorter
  • Sand Concentrate recipe craft time reduced to 0.7 minutes from 1 minute
  • Glass recipe craft time reduced to 1.2 minutes from 1.5 minutes and Sand cost reduced to 4 from 6
  • Quicklime Glass recipe yield reduced to 1 minute from 2 minutes, Sand cost reduced to 3 from 10, Quicklime cost reduced to 2 from 3, craft time reduced to 1 minute from 2 minutes, and experience provided reduced to 70 from 175

We are currently in the final stages of wrapping up Update 9.4 for release, but wanted to quickly address the critical WebUI issue in the meanwhile and included some adjustments to the Glassworking speciality to go along with this. We plan to publish a preview blog for 9.4 in the coming week and are looking forward to share more information about the update with you then.]]>
Update 9.3.6 released! Thu, 08 Jul 2021 21:41 CEST here.]]> Version 9.3.5 released! Wed, 26 May 2021 08:14 CEST Update 9.3.5 has been released and fixes the following issues:
  • Fixed bug with client closing after disconnecting from a server
  • Improved behavior for splitting deeds so the original deed is maintained while a new deed will be created for the split plots
  • Fixed crash when Grant Title was selected as payment for a Work Party
  • Fixed crash when environment statistics were referenced but a specific statistic was not selected
  • Fixed crash when using modded objects that did not have a prefab assigned
  • Fixed bug that could cause trees to go missing when leaving and re-entering an area
  • Fixed bug that could result in "Caused by Actions" civic articles to have the reverse effect
  • Fixed bug where debts could not be forgiven
Version 9.3.5 released! Wed, 26 May 2021 08:14 CEST here.]]> Developer Blog: Eco Infinite and UX focus Sun, 16 May 2021 18:40 CEST
  • A pack of features we call ‘Eco Infinite’, which expands the game to support thriving communities that don’t end at the meteor, but can go indefinitely with interesting/challenging gameplay and social connections.
  • UX upgrade, making everything cleaner, smoother, and better; especially for new users.
  • Performance! Switching the engine over to Unity’s ECS system + burst compiler which will give a giant speed up for animals, landscape generation, everything.
Here’s the deets on some of the latest.

9.4 Update
Here’s updates coming right around the corner (next several weeks) in 9.4:

World Generation
Eco dev Jason has setup an easy way to view the world youre going to generate, now you can tweak the parameters and the seed and hit ‘generate’ and see a preview of the world, without having to do a full generate. This will let server hosters get that perfect world they want for building a society.

Realistic Power Generation

Also coming in 9.4: One of our longest standing issues has been fixed by our dev Marcus: waterwheels will now actually require flowing water (rivers, not lakes), windmills will require a cleared space around them, and solar generators will require sunlight. No more solar generators in your mines (shame on you in the first place if you did this). Now they will generate variable power based on their location in the world. And the waterwheel will get a significant boost if you put it in a waterfall:

Solar generator with some blocks slightly obscuring the sunlight and dropping its power supply:

And with a fully clear sun view:

10.0 Updates
Here’s updates coming further down the pipe in Eco 10:

Long in hibernation, boats are getting lots of love lately and will be shipping in Eco 10 (date TBD). Check out this demo from dev Quadbro of a couple of the new boats, including the barge:

Boats are going to really transform transport in the game, and will influence the location of towns and cities to have advantages along ports. Citizens will need to setup inland towns to mine minerals, and then a transportation network to move them to coastal port town, where they can be loaded onto boats and transported around the world. Part of the beauty of adding features at this point in the engine is one new feature will have infinite repercussions as all the systems of the game are intertwined; adding one new type of vehicle will influence the economics of the whole system.

And of course creating boats will be a significant endeavor with lots of demands on the economy and government (and ecosystem for resources) as well. Here’s the new shipyard object we’ve concepted out and are building:

And then lots of connecting parts for ports, like this selection of moorage points:

Prepare to see a big change in the world when theses make it into the game, port towns and seafaring will make the global economy run with much more depth.

Storage Systems
With the focus on transport of materials that boats bring, we’re also boosting up the focus on storage and containment, with specific types of storage to store specific types of goods. Check out the concepts from dev Rob and Milenko for the new objects on their way in (release TBD):

Wooden Liquid Storage Tank

Steel Liquid Storage Tank

Warehouse Storage Shelves

Each of these will specialize in storing different types of goods, and as you setup port towns and transport you'll need to use these to manage your supplies.

Lots more in the works, stay tuned for updates on the Towns and Countries change, performance boosts, avatars, stores, chat, and tons more. Feel free to send us feedback in the comments or on our discord:

- John K]]>
Version 9.3.4 released! Wed, 05 May 2021 19:36 CEST Update 9.3.4 has been released and fixes the following issues:
  • Fixed crash with meteor tutorial
  • Fixed issue where banning a player could result in others being unable to vote
  • Fixed crash when quitting game while connected to a server
  • Fixed crash when a server was hosted in Turkish language
  • Fixed bug that could result in being unable to target some fallen trees, carcasses, and carts
  • Fixed memory leak with pipes
  • Improved optimization when interacting with objects
  • Wooly animals may now be cooked on a campfire
Version 9.3.4 released! Wed, 05 May 2021 19:36 CEST here.]]> Version 9.3.3 released! Wed, 28 Apr 2021 18:07 CEST Update 9.3.3 has been released and fixes the critical issue that was observed in 9.3.2, it contains all fixes of 9.3.2.]]> Version 9.3.3 released! Wed, 28 Apr 2021 18:07 CEST here.]]> Version 9.3.2 released! Wed, 28 Apr 2021 01:52 CEST Update 9.3.2 has been released and fixes the following issues:
  • Fixed crash when using Treasury account in stores
  • Fixed bug where Shift+dragging items wasn't able to move items between different stack size storages
  • Fixed bug with incorrect weight calculation when moving items into empty slots
  • Fixed bug with RPC Response Error causing disconnects from server.
  • Fixed bug that displayed warning in server logs related to vehicle interaction checks
  • Fixed bug that allowed taking money from Contract Escrow using work parties
  • Updated ban lists to be JSON compatible. Re-save required for existing wrong lists.
  • Excavator storage is no longer hidden
  • Cotton Boll now has Crop tag and can be stored in silos
Version 9.3.2 released! Wed, 28 Apr 2021 01:52 CEST here.]]> Version 9.3.1 released! Fri, 16 Apr 2021 19:33 CEST Update 9.3.1 has been released and fixes the following issues:
  • Fixed bug with pipes disappearing
  • Fixed crash related to RPC issues
  • Fixed crash with recurring transfers for elected titles and demographics
  • Fixed inability to use government accounts in stores
  • Fixed bug with using shift+drag to transfer items between stockpiles not working
  • Fixed alignment for text in images for Ecopedia
  • Fixed potential migration issue with config
  • Fixed issue that didnt allow to host multiple servers with different IPs but the same ports on the same machine
Version 9.3.1 released! Fri, 16 Apr 2021 19:33 CEST here.]]> Update 9.3 released! The Tailoring Update Thu, 15 Apr 2021 09:25 CEST optimization improvements, an expansion of the tailoring specialty, and the experimental rent feature will be fully enabled with some additions to the residency system based on feedback from the community. In addition to these changes, we have a variety of quality life improvements, balance adjustments, and bug fixes listed in detail in the complete patch notes.

With the new rent feature, we had a few goals in mind. Renting a property will be a nice way for new players who are joining an established community to get a nice boost to their initial house bonus to help them catch up. Vehicles can also be rented to help with early transportation needs and to provide new players affordable transport options when joining later in the game. For those who especially enjoy building, they can put their talents to work making nice homes for others while earning a steady income. In addition, rent will play a role in our upcoming Towns & Nations where proximity to your residence will have a much larger impact.

As part of the tailoring update, tailors will be able to select from different materials to produce their fabric, from the new cotton plant to the cheap but high polluting nylon. There are a variety of new ingredients and crafting stations, as well a new tier 4 carpet building material. We are also adding new clothing outfits, each with a different theme. For now these clothing sets are cosmetic only, but we have more new clothes in the works and we plan to expand on these by adding skill bonuses. Upgrading the avatars to have more customization and new animations will be a big focus for us going forward.

As mentioned, a key focus for us this update was optimization. We have been hard at work to address Eco’s performance issues, specifically the problem with performance degradation over time. We also have optimizations to a variety of our systems, including chunk rendering and database calculations. There should be noticeable improvements, but optimization will continue to be a priority for us with each update.

Without further ado, let’s get to the full list of changes in Update 9.3:

  • Major tailoring profession rework
  • New Cotton plant which can be found in the Wetlands biome
  • New ingredients: Cotton Boll, Shorn Wool, Nylon, Cotton Thread, Wool Yarn, and Nylon Thread
  • New crafting stations: Loom, Automated Loom, Advanced Tailoring Table, and Spin Melter
  • New Cotton, Wool, and Nylon fabrics which can be used as an alternative to Cloth
  • New Modern Tailoring Upgrade
  • New Tier 4 blocks: Cotton Carpet, Wool Carpet, and Nylon Carpet
  • New clothing outfits for Builder, Farmer, Smith, and Tailor
  • New Gloves clothing slot
  • New Corrugated Steel Door and Corrugated Steel Fence Door
  • Rent feature is now enabled by default
  • Renter’s belongings are now placed in void storage after being evicted from a property
  • New optional control setup for excavator to allow simpler movement
  • Added “Hands” option as a tool selection choice for laws related to plants and construction
  • Bank accounts can now be seized via laws or executive actions
  • Admins can now ban or mute players based on a timer with a reason given
  • Updated icons for tabs in the Economy Viewer
  • Multiple client optimizations to help address FPS degradation over time
  • Optimized sound controller to remove leak that was contributing to FPS degradation over time
  • Optimized tree rendering performance
  • Optimized calculations for claiming/unclaiming large deeds
  • Optimized process for loading chunks
  • Optimized database calculations for civics and other periodic ticks
  • Optimizations relating to opening and closing UI windows
  • Optimized performance for servers with a large amount of mods when multiple players were connecting at the same time
  • Optimized minimap when large amount of icons were displayed on map
  • Optimized calculations for animal AI
  • Modifications to existing items and recipes changes can now be made with partial hooks without rewriting the original files. This means changes will not be overwritten with each update. For full details, see the readme in the mod folder.
  • Fixed modkit exception while working with block sets
Bug Fixes
  • Added anti-cheat detection and various cheat fixes
  • Fixed bug where vehicles could be stolen
  • Fixed crash with recurring transfers
  • Fixed crash and authorization issues with Plow Field contracts
  • Fixed crash when setting craft resource modifier to an invalid number
  • Fixed crash when making multiple modifications to a Demographic list that occurred in the same Demographic update tick
  • when the citizen’s hours to check was left blank
  • Fixed occasional crash when editing deeds on the Real Estate desk
  • Fixed crash when attempting to pay rent from an invalid bank account
  • Fixed crash when using Hours Played as a condition for maximum residency occupants
  • Fixed bug where tooltips would get stuck refreshing even when the mouse was stationary
  • Fixed bug with stores being listed multiple times in tooltips and the Economy Viewer
  • Fixed bug with election drafts where citizens other than the creator of the draft could start the election
  • Fixed bug with being unable to interact with a fish trap
  • Fixed bug with tools not working correctly when dragging them into the currently selected toolbar slot
  • Fixed bug with server not allowing connections if the meteor timer was set to an extremely large value
  • Fixed ability to rejoin a residency after the invite was no longer active
  • Fixed ability to become a resident of a property after an invited demographic was removed
  • Fixed bug with invited residents being unable to pick up their own objects on their residence when they did not have authorization to the entire deed
  • Fixed bug that allowed creating non-contiguous deeds with the Real Estate Desk
  • Fixed inability to select “Move In” or “Rent” as a condition when drafting a law based on “Pay Rent or Move In Fee”
  • Fixed bug with getting stuck in third person view when pulling a cart with no backpack
  • Bank account source for Elected Titles wages can now be set to the Treasury
  • Housing value pie chart now has correct proportions for different room types
  • Elected Titles no longer have their term extended when the title holders change
  • Laws that prevent pollution will now deactivate any objects currently polluting after passing
  • Taxes now work correctly for the currency exchange
  • Fixed bug with being unable to remove bank account users and title holders when an authorized Bank/Registrar was placed on a non-authorized claim
  • Fixed bug with contracts still showing as invalid after updating a removed bank account
  • Player movement on minimap is less jerky
  • Fixed bug with vehicle deed icons incorrectly displaying in minimap
  • Fixed bug with editing a district map when the district crossed point (0,0)
  • Fixed bug with minimap where icons on the other side of the world would appear incorrectly in 3D mode
  • Fixed graphic issues with minimap after updating the render scale
  • Fixed tooltip for crafting recipes displaying perks for unrelated talents
  • Fixed the displayed max tier when writing a contract to build a room.
  • Fixed bug in Ecopedia where information about the constitution would appear in unrelated entries
  • Fixed bug where the interaction highlight could appear green when aiming a hammer at an unauthorized property
  • Pressing escape button while sleeping no longer causes the world to continue fast forwarding
  • Fixed bug with the hide chat tag button making the cursor flicker
  • Pressing “+” or “-” button quickly on contracts no longer causes numbers to skip
  • Settlement civic objects are no longer visible when the experimental feature is disabled
  • Backer items can no longer be spawned by admins
  • Wind Turbine table texture changed to metal from wood
  • Fishing reel sound now stops when the reel animation stops
  • Improved consistency with tree falling sounds
  • Various typo fixes
  • Recipes that previously cost Cloth now cost new Fabric tag which includes Cotton Fabric, Wool Fabric, and Nylon Fabric
  • Cloth and Cellulose Fiber default craft time increased to 1 minute from 48 seconds
  • Cloth recipe labor cost increased to 100 from 50
  • Cellulose Fiber recipe labor cost increased to 100 from 20
  • Bearpack recipe moved to Advanced Tailoring Table
  • Industry vehicles now cost Nylon Fabric instead of Cellulose Fiber
  • Recurve Bow recipe now costs Fiberglass + Nylon Thread instead of Fiberglass + Steel Bar
  • Basic clothing recipes that previously cost Plant Fibers now cost Fabric
  • Animal mounts and stuffed animals are now produced by Hunting specialty
  • Charcoal recipe craft time reduced to 1 minute from 4 minutes, labor cost reduced to 40 from 80, and experience provided reduced to 1 from 2
  • Updated formula for residency penalty for multiple residents
  • Large Corrugated Steel Door now costs Corrugated Steel instead of Steel Bar
  • Decreased canopy space requirement from Ceiba tree and increased initial spawn percentage
  • Agouti can now get calories from Ceiba trees
  • Labor cost for crafting seeds on the Farmers Table increased to 40 from 20
  • Epoxy, Plastic, and Synthetic Rubber recipes experience provided changed to 1 from 2
  • Fiberglass recipe labor cost increased to 150 from 75
  • New tags Medium Fish and Large Fish to condense fish recipes in the Campfire and Fishery
  • New recipe Fish Stew based on Meaty Stew that uses Charred Fish as an alternative for Charred Meat
  • Shuck Clams and Clean Urchin recipe costs reduced to 2 Clams/Urchins
  • Water Pumps no longer have unnecessary Economy tag
Quality of Life
  • Installed module name is now visible when viewing the module component for a crafting station
  • Auto-run no longer stops when checking inventory or chatting
  • Adjusted radius of Elevator Call Post so it can interact with the Industrial Elevator from all angles
  • Temporary chat notifications no longer appear in non-related chat channels
  • Remove From Office UI now only displays Elected Titles the user has permission to remove
  • Titles and Bank Accounts are now ordered alphabetically in their respective UIs
  • 'Public Crafting Stations' tab in Economy Viewer will now show only publicly listed crafting stations instead of all stations accessible to the player
  • Treasury now has a button that displays a list of all government accounts
  • Improved sorting of species world layers in the minimap
  • Improved excavator suspension to prevent tilting up and down while in use
  • Demographics, titles, and elected titles can now be assigned a backup owner for property and bank accounts incase they are removed
  • Adjusted brush size for drawing districts in the minimap
  • Improved behavior of the top notification panel
  • Updated vehicle control UI and removed unused vehicle controls
  • Updated display names for Specialty Upgrades to be more readable
  • Ecopedia images now have their text localized, as well as a collection of other localization updates
  • Fixed ability to swap tools in the repair bench when both tools are of the same type
  • Cancelling a civic draft will now reset the editable title text
  • Updated Network config template to allow changing settings for Web Server URL and Relay Server Address
  • Improved alignment of messages in the notifications panel
  • Improved alignment for long district names in Minimap.
  • Cursor now updates to the interact symbol when hovering over objects in the minimap
  • Clarified error message when hosting a private world with a world name that contains unsupported characters

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cotton will not spawn on already existing worlds, that means that you either need to spawn in cotton seeds via the /give command and plant them or need to start a new world if you want to use cotton. Cotton being absent does not affect progression, though.]]>
Update 9.3 released! The Tailoring Update Thu, 15 Apr 2021 09:25 CEST here.]]> Developer Blog: Eco Infinite Thu, 25 Mar 2021 20:33 CET

‘Eco Infinite’ will be adding gameplay and things to do Post Meteor, building up support for long term servers with goals and challenges to solve, and in the process aiming to create very tight-knit meaningful communities of players. Seeing the worlds that streamers and players are creating and the depth of the societies there has inspired us to extend the game to support long-lasting communities that don’t break up after the meteor is destroyed. We want these worlds and the relationships that get built in them to continue post-meteor, with lots of rich challenges still in store.

So what’s there going to be post-meteor? Plenty, with the underlying theme of building a utopia. This means continuing to improve the lives of citizens through housing and food systems, but also brand new systems that will come over the next several releases like settlements (a blog on this here), education, culture, and tourism, all while living in harmony with the ecosystem. We’ll also be adding special support for events for players to take part in, like trials, debates, town meetings, and lectures. The more opportunities for collaboration the better, and progress will be unbounded. Achievements will track your progress, both personal and world achievements, and these may unlock aesthetics.

More detailed designs will be announced for these as they start to get prototyped out, and our existing priorities will run in tandem with these which the team continues to work on (quality of life issues like making stores easier to use, performance, boats, tailoring, avatars, garbage, much more). These Eco Infinite items are big ticket items and will take some time to implement, most we will be adding as ‘experimental’ features in an earlier release which players can enable to try out and give us feedback.

Community Tools
Some of the first changes coming in 9.4 will be simple tools to allow running communities better:

- Max Active Players. By setting this optional value, players looking for servers can filter by how big of a community they’d like to play with. Once you reach that level of active players, it will stop being advertised; but then if players later become inactive the server will get a special boost to server rankings in the browser, and eventually achievements for users who come in to support a server that has a player leave. This is to address a common case where players leave a server and new players are needed mid-game, giving the chance for new immigrants to jump in and have a valuable role in the community there. We expect this feature to help a lot with keeping long term servers supported, and setting goals for community size.

- Exhaustion Limits. Setting an optional ‘Exhaustion Timer’ on servers will make players who are playing past a given time limit unable to expend calories (they become exhausted) until the next day. This will allow servers to keep a relatively even playing field, avoiding a common problem case we see where some players can put in an hour a two a day, but others are putting in 10 hours a day and leaving the rest in the dust. Players who do set a desired play-length per day will be matched with servers that have a similar exhaustion limit. This is an opt-in feature for both the server and the player, and we expect most servers will still be unlimited, but it represents another tool in the belt for users to build the type of communities they want.

Also coming soon is Achievements. We will be doing something interesting with these: achievements earned on any server will give you steam rewards, but achievements earned on special ‘merited’ servers will be transferrable between servers. We’ll be designing ways for dedicated community members to get the merited status with the approval of moderators, and this will be the beginnings of a ‘metaverse’ within Eco, where aspects of your character will be transferrable between worlds (optional per server to enable this). To start it will be aesthetic features like achievements you’ve earned which show up as icons on your avatar and allow you to craft fancy skins and rewards and such, but later will be all kinds of things.

We’ll also be introducing World Progress Achievements, to go in tandem with Eco Infinite. These will be milestones for your world to achieve, like economic progress, cultural development, well run government, biodiverse ecosystem, etc that will trigger server-wide achievements, and any player who has been active through the previous week or so will gain the achievement on their character. The progress levels will be unbounded, thus there will always be another milestone to achieve (hence the ‘infinite’ in Eco Infinite).

These features are our long term goals, while short term we have ‘Quality of Life’ improvements prioritized (bug fixes, performance, balance improvements). 9.3 is coming out any day, and will include rent and tailoring improvements. 9.4 is shaping up to be a balance patch with extra server tools.

As anyone who has taken a peak at the Eco Tree[] has noticed, we have super ambitious plans for the games, we’re still at very early days compared to where we want to take it, and the support of our community as we build towards that is how we get there. Over the past several months we’ve seen a huge boost in new players, 2 years after our Early Access release and driven by streamers and word of mouth, and that’s given us the resources to double down on development, grow the team and start to ‘reach for the stars’ (if you get my drift). Feedback from the community is incredibly useful as we do this so don’t hesitate to reach out via e-mail or on Discord[] to me or the team. Building Eco is like playing Eco: it’s a community effort.


-John K, CEO Strange Loop.]]>
Developer Blog: Eco Infinite Thu, 25 Mar 2021 20:33 CET here.]]> Version 9.2.4 Released! Thu, 04 Feb 2021 04:10 CET
  • Fixed crash when using “Resident of District” law condition when residency was set to a property without a plot
  • Fixed crash with experimental rent feature when a resident was unable to afford rent
  • Fixed crash with laws that prevented actions when unable to make a payment
  • Fixed “Object not set” error when trying to add a civic to an election
  • Fixed calculation for housing value for deeds with large number of residents and rooms
  • Improved optimization for claiming/unclaiming large deeds.
Version 9.2.3 Released! Tue, 02 Feb 2021 01:24 CET
  • Fixed crash when setting up a registrar title with wages
  • Fixed crash with strings that were too large for the localizer
  • Fixed crash related to controller manager
  • Fixed display error on player tooltip when no residency was set
  • Fixed display error on store tooltip when the store was setup for barter transactions
Version 9.2.3 Released! Tue, 02 Feb 2021 01:24 CET here.]]>