Blog Feed en Fri, 15 Feb 2019 11:53 CET is a ECO servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Version released! Fri, 15 Feb 2019 11:53 CET
  • Fixed contract payment issue (source user hadn't access to escrow account, to get back his payment/deposit)
  • Fixed confused "zero" tax string when transfering funds to special account
  • Fixed issue with vehicles and players sometimes become invisible.
  • Make Real Estate Desk working again!

MacOS & Linux clients included!]]>
Version released! Wed, 13 Feb 2019 19:00 CET
  • tweaking for view distance and chunk loading
  • fixed completed tutorials list layout
  • fixed "?" as balance string in treasury
  • fixed DefaultWorld to one with valid Citizenship law
  • fixed dead-lock with steel (when pump was needed for steel and steel needed for pump)

  • graceful shutdown for Windows servers. If you close it (Alt+F4 or with close button) then it will try to save state (Windows will only provide 5-10 seconds for that) or you can configure your software to send Ctrl+C to console app and configure own timeout for shutdown.
  • added ping retries if for some reason ping was last for first attempt

  • minor performance improvements
Version released! Mon, 11 Feb 2019 11:36 CET
  • vehicles crossing 0-coordinate should behave less obstinate
  • fixed some "Alice in Wonderland" effects (world titled issue)
  • fixed problem with unfair deals when you get full price for part of sold/bought items if destination inventory has not enough space
  • fixed links to previous elections in Web UI
  • fixed starting New Game from clean Steam installation
  • fixed incorrect ping calculation
  • fixed crash while connecting pipes through zero point
  • fixed redefine District action to take into account existing Districts
  • fixed issue with large world generation and ore amounts - low sample size sometimes created inadequate amounts of ore in worlds 200x200 or larger

Performance improvements:
  • memory optimization (fixed regression for chunks memory consumption)

  • self-improvements experience slightly nerfed
  • minor changes in tech tree for pipes
  • the following objects now require flowing water supplied via plumbing: BlastFurnace, OilRefinery, Sink, Laboratory, Combustion Generator
The Big Eco Game Event Thu, 24 Jan 2019 11:23 CET the Big Eco Game community event with Jeff Grubb and friends started this night.
They're playing through Eco 8.0 all month long with 70+ players and three major factions!

Multiple people are streaming this event, so here are some of them you can follow to get a look on Eco 8.0 in action on a highly populated server:

- GamesBeat on Twitch
- Jeff Grubb on Twitch
- DrJonez on Twitch
- Rinderblock on Twitch
- Cristian_arg_ on Twitch (Spanish)
- Matt Chandronait on Twitch
- Jesterpc on Twitch
- Skrattybones on Twitch
- GoodWorkVideoGames]]>
Eco ranked #1 game of 2018 by Venture Beat's Jeff Grubb Tue, 22 Jan 2019 01:04 CET

"Eco made me realize that games are actually crucial for understanding our relationship to all kinds of natural and man-made systems. The thing that gives me chills is that I think it is only in games that we can play with economic systems. And I walked away from my experience in Eco feeling like I learned so much even though we had no instructor. No one was connecting the dots for us. We simply learned through play."]]>
Version released! Thu, 17 Jan 2019 12:13 CET
  • Fixed annoying issue with resetting Store public access permissions after server restart


Backups logic fixed and reworked to be more predictable. There are now following options (default value in brackets):
  • MaxBackupsInLastHour (2) - max number of backups for last hour (if backup frequency less than 1 hour)
  • MaxHourlyBackups (24) - hourly backup is a first backup in a hour, in average it is one backup in a hour
  • MaxDailyBackups (3) - daily backup is a first backup in a day, in average it is one backup in a day
  • MaxWeeklyBackups (10) - weekly backup is a first backup in a week, in average it is one backup in a week at Monday
    With default settings it will keep hourly backups for last 24 hours, daily backups for last 3 days, weekly backups for last 10 weeks.

Default backup frequency changed to 0.5.

Also now your backup settings will not be rewritten by Steam, instead you have `` with default settings.]]>
Eco 8.0 will be released on February 6th! Thu, 10 Jan 2019 06:54 CET Eco 8.0 - the BIOMES Update - will be released on our 1 year steam anniversary on February 6th!

The update will introduce new biomes and species, notably:

Trees: Palm trees, Redwoods
Animals: Mule Deer, Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep
Grasslands Plants: Big Bluestem, Switchgrass, Sunflower
Desert Plants: Agave, Creosote Art Update
Forest Plants: Ocean Spray, Trillium
Taiga and Tundra Plants: Lupine, Saxifrage, Peat Moss, Deer Lichen, Dwarf Willow, Arctic Willow
Rainforest Plants!: Papaya, Taro, Orchid, Heliconia, Pineapple, Lattice Mushroom, Bolete Mushroom, Cookeina Mushroom, Filmy Fern, King Fern
Wetland Plants: Pumpkin

On top of that we'll have

A New Skill System! - Earn levelups by doing work, then choose specialty talents.
A New Animal AI system! - Animals have new behaviors and are much smarter.
Pipes! - Create plumbing networks to supply your villages and remove pollution.
Banks! - Create new bank accounts and designate who has access.
Registrars! - Create titles and use them to determine who can access what.

and many more (performance) improvements and bugfixes!

We'll be showing off these features and answer player questions in our livestream this Friday at 2pm PST / 23:00h CET, come in and say hi!]]>
Patch 7.8.8 released Wed, 02 Jan 2019 09:25 CET Patch 7.8.7 released Sat, 29 Dec 2018 09:14 CET
Server Optimizations:

- World Layer Tick optimization (~33% faster)
- Reduced server lags during backups

Server Admins:

- WebServerUrl and RemoteAddress on Network tab which allow to have a better control how your server will be available externally
- New option EnablePendingWritesOnBackup for StatDatabase which allows to make stat database backup without stat read/write locks]]>
Patch 7.8.6 released! Wed, 12 Dec 2018 15:14 CET
Server Features:
  • We added the possibility to pause the game. (Look at the "Pause" tab in the server ui)
  • We added support for importing zipped backups. (Place them into the backup directory and it will automatically be unzipped if necessary)

Minor Improvements:
  • The language lock option in the settings has been removed. The language filter by default is only enabled if you play the game in english.
  • The "Your Worlds" menu is now available from the beginning, without the need to start a new game first. This enables players to use direct connection and lan servers right from the start.

Bug fixes:
  • The CO² feature works correctly again.
  • Servers with long descriptions now appear correctly on the "Recommended" tab and in the server search results.
  • A timeout has been added to direct connections and the error message "Invalid IP Address" for valid connections was removed.
  • The stability of world saves has been improved, it is now less likely that they get corruped during writing to disk.
  • World saves should no longer become corrupted because of too long paths inside them.
Also, some optimisations for legislation checking and the user login were implemented.
Patch 7.8 is Live Wed, 21 Nov 2018 01:33 CET Patch 7.8 live

Ladders - We have added ladders to Eco. They will be handy for construction and and for getting up tall towers and down deep mines.

Sleeping - Primarily a tool for servers you can now sleep using beds. This will greatly speed up skill gain, crop growth, and crafting. This will also speed up the meteor by an equal amount so use it with care.

Item Filters - You can now filter by item name, type, and tier in the economy viewer.

Expanded Chat Commands - We have made chat commands easier to use and added a few new ones. Most notably /unclaimabandoned which will unclaim all claims belonging to players that haven’t logged on for a variable number of days.

And many more improvements and fixes.

If you want to see everything we have done you can read the full changelog[]]]>
7.7.0 Update Thu, 06 Sep 2018 02:30 CEST
Some of the highlights include:

Loans and Bonds
Updated ramps that are now 1 wide blocks
An Intro Story Sequence as part of the tutorial
Changes to Tailings
An Updated Minimap

The full patch notes are availaible here.]]>
7.6.3 Released - July 24th, 2018 Wed, 25 Jul 2018 14:04 CEST
  • Modified the colliders on the starter camp and stockpiles to prevent new players from getting stuck
  • Fixed /unclaim crash if a property was already public
  • Fixed bug where currency exchange wasn't checking balances properly
  • Other bug fixes
Beta 7.6.0 Released! Fri, 13 Jul 2018 23:46 CEST Beta 7.6.0 Changelog

Distribution Station
  • Added a new Distribution Station object. This is a stockpile where the owner can set a ration of items that every new player can take, which they will be notified of with a World Marker when they enter the game. With this object, citizens and governments can set up items to provide to new players to help them get started/catch up. You'll also be able to see the items provided from the Server Browser.
  • You can set the max 'age' of a player for them to be eligible for items.

Added Chainsaw

Starter Camp
  • The camp comes with a small stockpile and contains starting supplies.
  • The camp also serves as a crafting table that can craft a limited selection of things.

Real Estate Desk
  • At the desk, you can examine your deeds, edit their settings, move land and vehicles between deeds, create and delete deeds, and unclaim land and vehicles. You can also buy and sell deeds.
  • Deeds are no longer items that you can carry in your inventory.
  • Replaced "Property Claim Flags" with a "Land Claim Stake" tool and "Land Claim Papers". The Land Claim Stake works similarly to how claim flags used to work - hold it and right click to claim some land. It also has some new features. You can hold it and left click on claimed land to unclaim it. You can also target claimed land with it and press 'E' to open the deed window for that land. The Land Claim Stake uses Land Claim Papers. Each paper represents your right to claim 1 plot of land. Unlocking skills will grant you Land Claim Papers, in the same way it used to grant you Property Claim Flags previously.
  • When you claim land with the Land Claim Stake, the deed that the land is attached to is no longer determined by the deed in your inventory (since you can't have deeds in your inventory). Rather, it is determined by the deeds of nearby plots belonging to you, and . If there are none within range, a new deed is created.
  • The treatment of vehicles versus stationary objects with regards to deeds and authorization has been unified, and the 'Auth' tab of the object window - which has been renamed to the 'Authorization' tab and given an overhaul to improve both clarity and appearance - will appear for both. No more 'Lock' toggle for vehicles - they now have full authorization settings support just like stationary objects (that is, the ability to set them to public, whitelist, or inherit from deed mode).
  • Added an "Unclaim Property" action to stats, which can be referenced in laws.

Robotic Assembly Line
  • The Robotic Assembly Line is used to craft all internal combustion engine vehicles and other advanced machinery.

  • Added calculated exchange rates. Eco will now compare trades of the same item in different currencies to make a rough exchange rate, which can be used by citizens to help understand prices (how to shop and how to set prices). The inner details of how they're calculated is displayed as well, so players can make informed decisions. You can view this in a currency’s ‘Currency Report’. Will be doing more with this exchange rate later.
  • Added intro sequences for food and housing, explaining the concepts with icons and animations.
  • Made it easier to exit water in a few situations like 1 block thick docks.
    Third person mode in vehicles now zooms out further and behaves more consistently.
  • Vehicles with tools now attempt to dump into multiple inventories for objects that have multiple inventories.

  • Made the server browser ping filter go to ‘unlimited’ (previously went to 500ms)
  • Improved client script performance.
  • Eliminated performance impact of using world markers.

  • Added a key binding to toggle 3rd person (defaults to F5).
  • Changed the nutrient values of almost everything, generally a ~20% increase.
  • Nutrient values now scale more aggressively with higher tier food.
  • Recipe costs changed due to recent farming/collection changes.
  • Removed Campfire Cooking skill - the recipes are now available to everyone.
  • Old Campfire Cooking recipes ingredients have been modified due to no efficiency/speed skills.
  • Removed Basic Crafting skill - the recipes are now available to everyone.
  • Basic Crafting recipes ingredients have been modified due to no efficiency/speed skills.
  • Players now start with reduced land claims and a camp item.
  • Most plants now give less resources.
  • Added seed recipe for mushrooms.
  • Gathered seeds no longer increase with gathering skill.
  • Blast furnaces once again produce tailings.
  • Blast furnaces are now harder to make.
  • Lots of miscellaneous changes to late game recipes.
  • Ingots (all kinds) are more expensive, other recipe costs reduced where appropriate.
  • Ingots now weigh less.
  • Steel now requires coal or charcoal to smelt.

  • Fixed an issue where a vehicle with both a fuel supply and storage would behave inconsistently in the linked inventory UI. (The UI displayed the fuel supply and the storage as separate inventories with separate settings, but the server treated both inventories as sharing the same settings. Now the server also treats them as separate inventories).
  • Fixed the fishing line not meeting with the lure correctly.
  • When attempting to join a server by ip address, if you enter an invalid ip, it will now show an error message instead of attempting to connect forever.
  • Single-player server will now close itself if the client crashes.
Hotfix 7.5.1 released Fri, 29 Jun 2018 02:21 CEST
  • Fixed some block visuals behaving strangely in moving stockpiles
  • Fixed truck physics glitches
  • Fixed various vehicle sounds
  • Fixed Eco.Mods.dll loading bug
  • Misc Fixes
Eco Beta 7.5.0 Released Wed, 27 Jun 2018 22:37 CEST


  • Added Elevator for transporting materials and carts vertically!
  • Added stone, hewn log, and lumber door recipes.
  • Added wooden standing light, wooden table light, and wooden ceiling light
  • Added the Assembly Line!
  • Added cranes! Players can use the crane to build large walls in one click by targeting the corners with the claw.
  • Added a modular attachment system for vehicles
  • Added the Steam Truck!
  • Added the plough, harvester, and sowing attachments for the steam tractor
Eco Beta 7.4.5 Released Fri, 18 May 2018 16:23 CEST
  • Fixed a variety of problems that could occur if the master server is unreachable
  • Fixed some chunk issues near world borders and wrapping issues with vehicles
  • Fixed invisible vehicles when someone drives into your view range
  • Fixed stretched animals near world borders
  • Fixed webserver link from using the wrong address
  • Fixed some performance issues with stats and the web server
  • Fixed an issue where server passwords were being double-encrypted on server startup. Server passwords will now show in plain text in the server window but are still encrypted when sent between client and server. Existing server passwords will need to be reset to the desired value.
  • Fixed a bug in client-side predictions that sometimes made blocks appear, disappear then reappear in your carried slot.
  • Added a warning when the server is unresponsive to user status
Eco Beta 7.4.0 Released Thu, 10 May 2018 16:11 CEST



  • A large part of the networking code has been overhauled for this release. The server now uses UDP on port 3000 for game traffic by default, and TCP on port 3001 for web traffic by default. If you were forwarding ports to your dedicated servers in the past, you will need to update your rules accordingly, including any rules in firewall programs.
  • In most instances, you should no longer need to port forward when hosting a server. We'd recommend using the steam friends "join game" feature to easily join each other games, instead of needing to find IP address and connect manually.
  • Moved the "MaxSlots" configuration value from the config to the config



  • New layout and visual style. Among other things, the new layout allows many more servers to fit on screen.
  • This screen has been split into 2 tabs - one for only the servers that you are most likely to join (for example, your favorites, LAN servers, and official SLG servers), and the other for browsing for a new server. This allows you to view the first tab without having to query all the servers, which is more expensive.
  • Added many new searching, sorting, and filtering features
  • Improved performance by limiting how many servers are displayed
  • Added a new category on the server browser for 'Test Servers', which for now will link only the official SLG test server for the next version. Players will need to switch to staging to join this build, and a popup will inform them of that if they attempt.



  • You can now drop any non-carried items into garbage piles
  • If left alone, food items will decompose into nothing
  • If left alone, other items will become trash blocks which will cause minor pollution


  • Added a modern pickup Truck!
  • Added the hand plough
  • Added a nimble Skid-Steer vehicle
  • Vehicles can now dump in water



  • Unstuck can now extract players from ditches, correct invalid positions, added a delay to unstuck
  • Added hewn log, lumber, and stone signs for both standing and hanging.
  • You can no longer consume food when full.
  • Candle Stands no longer require solid ground.
  • Zero and low population plants will now be force spawned into worlds without them.
  • After activating the meteor destruct sequence, removing lasers or generators or otherwise breaking the laser setup will now cancel the destruct sequence.



  • Official integration with is now ready!
  • Server can subscribe to, download, and install mods from


  • Servers with several thousand world objects should notice fewer cases where world objects seem unresponsive.
  • We are now tracking which world objects need to be saved and saving is distributed over time.
  • Saving during shutdown is much faster.
  • Save all now also saves recent block changes
  • Added proper detection and handling of save-game corruption.
  • If a save is corrupt upon starting, it will restore the most recent backup.
  • If a save is corrupt mid-game, it will delete it and resave everything.
  • Made the server start auto-backups by default.
  • Spaced out backups. Now there are by default 6 made for the last hour, 10 for the last day, -7 for the last week, and up to 100 weekly backups. These numbers are configurable in the backup plugin.
  • Made any server errors that are logged also send to all admins via chat.
  • Fixed a crash when commands cannot be parsed
  • Hid many testing chat commands from players
  • Fixed an exception thrown when a mod overrides PlayerDefaults.GetDefaultSkills to be empty.
  • Show a better stack trace in the tooltip if the tooltip errors out.
  • Blacklisted a few characters from usernames, which caused people not to be able to use chat. Namely '<' and '>'. These will now be automatically replaced with '?' the first time a player signs in to a server.


  • Now using a borderless window that remains visible when unfocused
  • Improved client performance a bit in areas with lots of world objects
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made you press interact twice when reopening a world object UI.
  • Fixed some client / server prediction desyncs
  • Disabled the unfocused fps limiter, it didn't work properly when vsync was enabled.
  • Users can now copy the log file easily when an error occurs. Log file will also be attached when bugs are reported.
  • Disabled single player new/load buttons for osx & linux.
  • Can no longer toggle off all chat channels
  • Sending an empty chat message once again switches you to that channel without sending a message
  • Made Skills UI Show All toggle not invisibly take up the whole bottom bar.
  • Added confirmation when deleting markers
  • Fixed contract pickers displaying contents wrong, and sometimes excepting
Eco Beta 7.3.3 Released Thu, 12 Apr 2018 20:49 CEST


- Plants overlapping with constructed blocks now get destroyed during initialization.
- Fixed lasers lagging servers that have lots of world objects.
- Icons / rewards now assigned correctly on first login
- Skip windows firewall setup for other operating systems
- Fixed valid laws getting incorrectly removed on server startup.
- Fixed the soil sampler incorrectly displaying yield
- Fixed fertilizers all having the same nutrients
- Fixed some instances of invisible plants caused by migration
- Disabled shader warmup in opengl (fixes initial freeze on linux/mac)
- Fixed some startup crashes related to districts
- You can now remove districts that are referenced only by failed/repealed laws]]>
Eco Beta 7.3.2 Released Thu, 05 Apr 2018 00:41 CEST


- Clothes can only be swapped in the avatar editor during the first play session
- Fixed Tree exceptions
- Fixed Trees overlapping with other plants/things
- Fixed simulation data not being saved in all cases
- Fixed underwater plants spawning air pockets on death
- Fixed old stacks of torches being immovable
- You no longer lose calories when you try and fail to pick up an object (eg. a chest with too many items)
- Fixed incorrect 'not authorized' errors on stores.
- Fixed plants instantly growing during migration
- Fixed inaccurate /players list
- Fixed server migrating every restart]]>
Eco Alpha 5.6 Released Wed, 21 Jun 2017 02:04 CEST


  • Improved graphics options
    Additional options for a variety of graphic effects has been added to the escape menu. Here you can disable/enable features to your liking, or disable expensive options to improve your framerate.
  • Improved shadow rendering quality
    Shadow quality for interiors and in caves has been improved.
  • Improved reflection probes
    A realtime reflections option has been added. This has a minor effect on performance, but can greatly increase the look of metallic objects in the world.
  • Global Illumination
  • A new experimental lighting model for global illumination has been added. This is a relatively expensive effect but should run well on most modern video cards. Global Illumination models indirect lighting that bounces off other surfaces. This effect makes caves naturally dark, so bring a torch!
  • Optimized wind animation for plants


  • Linked Inventories
  • How items are stored and managed has been significantly changed. Craft tables no longer have intrinsic storage on them; instead, large objects must be stored in stockpiles or vehicles, and other items can be stored in chests. Crafting tables automatically are ‘linked’ to storage objects nearby, allowing them to both take from and deposit their items.
  • Inventory Management Features
    Related to the linked inventory changes, we’ve added many new quality of life features such as: Right clicking to add items works in more contexts, such as with work orders and fuel supplies; items can be dragged and dropped from your inventory directly into a project; projects can be reordered on the crafting tab
  • Stockpiles
  • Large items such as dirt, logs, and stone can no longer be stored in chests, but can be stored in a new stockpile object. Stockpiles require a 5x5x5 area of the world. Secondary effects from some block types (such as tailings) will occur, so be mindful of where you are storing your refuse!
  • Authorization system
  • The authorization system has been improved; allowing easier control over who has access to various things that you own. You can lockout everyone from a private chest, while allowing people access to another, for example.
  • Tutorial system
  • A tutorial has been added to Eco, helping new players get a feel for the early game. Existing players may not see much of the tutorial, since it attempts to detect what you’ve already done and skips those.
  • Pipes
  • Some craft tables need pipe outputs in order to spew hazardous materials from. Chimneys work similarly now.
  • Improved building / room requirements
  • Room requirements are now broken out by line item requirement, and the status is displayed for debugging why a table may not be functioning.
  • Excavators!


  • Support for mod plugins
    Modkit now auto-loads managed DLLs from the Mods folder. Modders can implement IModKitPlugin to add their own mods.
  • Support for client side mods
    Tutorials can be expected soon, but it is now possible to build asset bundles for client side mods. PM or ask in the modding discord channel for some basic help if you want to get started on this early.


  • Added tools for reviewing user activity
  • Automatically creates discussion points from world events

Bug Fixes

Migration Notes

  • Due to considerable changes to inventories, if you are migrating from a 5.5.4 save, all items in crafting tables WILL BE LOST. It is highly recommended to start fresh, but otherwise you should have no other problems using an old save.
Vote Reward with Clays Toolkit Thu, 13 Apr 2017 17:05 CEST
You can get the last version on its website :]]>
Eco Alpha 5.5.3 Released Sat, 01 Apr 2017 15:43 CEST
***Bug Fixes***
* Should fix room requirements bug
* New/fixed art for pumpjack
* Fixed some other exploits with currency, won't name them here...]]>
Eco Alpha 5.5.2 Released Thu, 30 Mar 2017 15:40 CEST
***Bug Fixes***
* Switch vehicles to use worldobject name in license plate instead of deed name
* Carts now correctly display owner's name
* Links to cart position in deed & show custom name
* Trees no longer grow on tilled soil (on top of other plants).
* Tables now display the correct room requirement with regards to other tables in the room.
* Fixed various issues with world objects ticking, which should fix instances of craft timers seemingly not working.
* fix power consumption UI wonky display
* fix interacting with tree stumps causing disconnect
* dysentery is now a curable disease
* added tooltips for contracts
* cleaned up module requirements display
* young trees are now completely killed when using axe on them
* fix an error that sometimes cause the server browser to no reappear
* fixed some avatar animations
* fixed tooltips being stuck on screen forever
* made pumpjacks fuelable before gasoline is created
* improvements to the character controller (Thanks Spydarlee!)
* downgrade back to .net 4.6, mono should fully support the server once again
* tweaks to block placement to allow for easier bridge construction]]>
Eco Alpha 5.5 Released Fri, 24 Mar 2017 22:22 CET


  • You can now create currencies at a Mint, using Gold Ingots. Currencies can be utilized at stores or for taxation purposes.

Projects and work orders

  • You can now start a recipe without the required ingredients so long as you meet the skill requirements. Whenever new materials are added to the craft table storage, they will automatically be applied to a project. The time required to craft will raise until it reaches the same percent as materials, allowing multiple people to collaborate on a single project asynchronously.


  • Players can now create contracts in a store, offering to buy labor. There are currently two types of contracts:
    1. Crafting/delivery contract. With this contract, you specify the materials you want and where you want them, by placing a new ‘Depot’ object. When the Depot detects the required materials are added, it will move them to your private storage and complete the contract.
    2. Construction contract. This type of contract allows you to specify you want a given kind of table placed at a specific location. When the table is placed at the exact location (and working, thus requiring the surrounding building to be constructed) the contract completes.
    3. Payment is held in escrow until the contract finishes (either successfully or failed after a number of hours). A deposit is held that is lost if the contract cannot be completed. For construction contracts, the contractor will get temporary building rights to finish the job. Contracts can only use currency.

Table Fees

  • Once a table is using currency, a fee can be assigned to its use. Fees can be defined both per-minute and per-item.

Economy Viewer

  • The Economy Viewer is a new button on the bottom right of the UI which shows you all the things for sale, things wanted for purchase, and contracts, as well as craft tables and what’s being crafted at them.


  • The Treasury object now allows the elected leader of the server to set the tax rate on four kinds of taxes:
    1. Sales Tax. This tax is applied on sales in a store (buying or selling).
    2. Labor Tax. This tax is applied on contract payments.
    3. Crafting Tax. This tax is applied on fees specified on a table.
    4. Direct Payment Tax. This tax is applied when using the /pay command to pay other users.
    5. Taxes are collected in any currency used in the server, thus the treasury may contain multiple currencies if there are multiple currencies in the world.
    6. The server leader can also allocate funds, choosing which players get how much money, and why. This can be used especially for public works projects, funding the construction of roads etc. A global message will be sent when funds are allocated.

Features and fixes

  • Carts physics has been improved and should be less frustrating.
  • Property claim visualization
  • Added /unclaim command for admins
  • Added hotkeys to some action bar buttons
  • Farming and Agriculture simulation now includes nutrients and fertilizers.
  • Oil is now a finite resource.
  • Tailoring has added some new craftable clothing options that give minor bonuses. Note: tailoring as a whole is still early in development with more to come in the future.
  • Drag and resize cursors, and more flexible window resizing
  • Links in text that can have tooltips and perform various actions when clicked
  • Automatic addition of said links to player chat messages
  • Tooltips for many items have been improved significantly
  • Vocal sound effects
  • New sound and effects for tree logging. Felling trees is destructive to the immediate area of the tree, and will destroy any plants when the tree hits the ground.
  • More notes here:
Eco Alpha 5.4 Released Sat, 04 Feb 2017 13:57 CET
  • Upgraded the server to .Net 4.6.2. If you are running under mono on Linux or OSX, you may need the current beta of mono (4.8)
  • Trees on the minimap are now batched, which should result in improved performance
  • Improved performance of visibility checks for world chunks (Thanks @ChronosWS!)
  • Pooled plant objects for faster instantiation (Thanks @ChronosWS!)
  • Updated speedtree shaders to use instanced rendering. This should dramatically improve performance for most users, if their GPU supports it (DX11 / OpenGL 4.1)
Bug Fixes
  • Further improvements to chat functionality and channels. Should fix numerous cases of messages becoming missing.
  • Fixed problem with renderscale slider that caused unnecessary render target creation every frame.
  • Fixed issue with world objects where sometimes the crafting timers did not properly count down.
  • Fixed vehicles not remembering how efficient they are on various terrain after a reload of the server.
  • Fix plant highlighting when the highlighted plant changed shape during highlight
  • Fixed a stack overflow issue on some machines due to expression compilation
  • Fixed an issue with the chunk builder when building meshes that had more than 65534 vertices.
New Features
  • Oil is now a finite resource. Fixed numerous issues with harvesting oil with pumpjacks.
  • Real effects for diving underwater.
  • Beginnings of animations for character avatars
  • New block effects
  • Added mouse sensitivity control
  • Triggered the freshness (Thanks @stett!)
  • Improved block targeting and placement cursor
  • Backup plugin now saves its config, and has settings for frequency of backups to keep
Eco Alpha 4.2 Released Thu, 21 Jul 2016 22:59 CEST
  • The skills page now displays all skills discovered server-wide
  • Starting property claim items are now placed in the player's backpack
  • Axes can no longer chop lumber (use the hammer)
  • Powered objects (campfires, etc) can now be powered by non-owning players
  • Workbenches are no longer opened when typing in chat
  • Various workbenches now have higher building requirements
  • Multiple skill trees will no longer remain highlighted when selected (visual bug)
  • Seeds should no longer occasionally immediately grow when planted
  • Storage chests can no longer be placed inside of other objects
  • Reclaimed property claim items are no longer all consumed in a single use
  • Player characters no longer sometimes ignore the jump input
  • Objects on minimap disappear when removed (trees)
  • Objects on minimap scale properly (or at least more properly) for tiny or huge worlds
  • Minimap objects do not show their category on tooltip... too cluttered
  • Player icons on minimap can be toggled
  • Collected items shown on minimap tooltips
  • Store trade strings are so long and actually look ok
  • Properties on minimap update in realtime
  • Animals are selectable after being killed, for harvesting. disappear after harvested
  • Minimap player icons actually rotate in the direction that the player is facing
  • Minimap LODing is vertex based, and culling actually works based on an uncurved orthographic geometry
  • Minimap SSAO actually works now... although it's almost unnoticeably different, it's technically more correct now
  • Modules can now be removed using the hammer
Eco Alpha 4 Released Fri, 01 Jul 2016 14:17 CEST


New features include:

- Vehicles

- Power system

- Spherical minimap

- New art style

- Logging system

- New building system

- New food system

- New property system

- Elections

- Taxes

- Server browser

- Lots more

Eco Alpha 3 Released Wed, 13 Jan 2016 23:32 CET


  • Ecosystem balance. Animals no longer are completely dead before the end of day 2.
  • First pass at skills 2.0. Skill points are now earned over time and then spent on skills at the choice of the player. This system is still being balanced, so values are expected to change significantly in the future. There will be skill trees for each skill in Alpha 4, for now each skill just has one skill in its tree.
  • Added Invert-Y mouse option
  • Add more info to server API api/v1/info
  • Added signs you can craft to display messages.
  • Server now runs on Linux.


  • Server memory usage optimizations
  • Big Stack bug StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues#30
  • Fixed Items disappear from backpack StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues#31
  • New player movement controller. This removes wall climbing, so be careful when wandering around the world now as it is more difficult.
  • Numerous other fixes. Check public bug list for current open issues.

Source :

Eco Alpha 2 Released Tue, 15 Dec 2015 23:36 CET

New Content:

  • Town hall now allows you to mint coins.
  • Tree seeds will now sometimes drop from cut logs if your logging skill is high enough.
  • You can now craft new axes at a builder’s hut.
  • Cooking skill now attainable at any campfire.
  • Kitchen buildable. You can make better meat-based foods here.
  • Baking Skill book now attainable at the mill.
  • Bakery buildable. You can make better grain-based foods here.
  • Added waste management building. Turns items into larger stacks of garbage at the cost of minor pollution.
  • Shoveled dirt will be added to your inventory. This will likely change in the future with transport, but for now we’ve enabled it.
  • You can now build dirt and stone roads at the town hall. Both of these will give varying movement speed benefits. The art is not final for these.
  • /reopen when you are standing in an owned building will put it back in construction, letting you make modifications to the building. This feature will be integrated properly (not through commands) in the future.


  • Logging now gives wood proportional to your logging skill.
  • Log roofs may be removed with axe, not just hammer.
  • Buildings should prevent deconstruction correctly now.
  • Town hall creation requirement reduced.
  • Added /help for chat commands.
  • Added /players to get a list of online players.
  • You can no longer eat craft table fees.
  • /unstuck now places you at the highest block position, doesn’t just Icarian Flight you.
  • Storage House is now a larger building, but gives a “big chest”.
  • Added an automatic backup plugin to the server.
  • Re-ordered tech tree to make prepared meat more useful.
  • New items no longer are placed in the first available empty spot.
  • Vastly improved server startup time. Should be at or around 15 seconds (depending on CPU specs and excluding any load time.)
  • Numbers on toolbar and mouse-wheel to scroll through items added.
  • Did a pass on max stack sizes for all items.
  • Law page: edit and remove graphs.
  • Law page: URL and port are both relative to the server’s domain.
  • You no longer need to run the server as admin for laws to work.

Bug Fixes:

  • Mouse lock fixed for users playing in fullscreen with multiple monitors.
  • Issues with construction sites such as “This site is not yours” have been resolved.
  • Server crash fixed when picking up and placing world objects quickly.
  • Fixed issue with laser beam always showing when building laser.
  • Fixed issue with mod kit compiler failing to write to temp directory.
  • When abandoning a construction site, your current location currently updates.
  • Skill scrolls actually consume themselves on use.
  • Occasional mismatch between held object vs selected object resolved.
  • Fixed bug with middle-mouse dragging icons.
  • Skill scroll crafting no longer duplicates skill books.
  • Various save/load issues resolved.
  • Can no longer plant seeds in volume you don’t own.
  • Resolved problem where cancelling an order led to an instant second order being fulfilled.
  • Food correctly sets its start time for freshness calculations.
  • Fixed variety of bugs resulting in improper building progress.
  • Fixed crash on organism flee.
  • Fixed occasional black or oddly colored terrain
  • Improved selection logic for toolbar when using items.
  • Fixed mismatch between crafting-related laws and cancelling work orders.
  • Fixed various startup issues.
  • Law page: correct fonts working on major browsers.
  • Law page: partial fix to Firefox not opening a law.
  • You may not abandon a re-opened building.
  • Placing construction post on debris/plants no longer results in no craft table.
  • Fixed a variety of issues for the Linux build.
  • Various arrow fixes.
  • Various fixes to laws.

Source :]]>