Hotfix 10.2.1 released!

Posted on April 10th, 2024 05:05 AM EST
Hey Citizens,
we have just released Hotfix 10.2.1 to address the following issues:

  • Fixed: A rare issue that could prevent migration of worlds, making them fail to load in Update 10.2.
  • Fixed: Repeatedly and quickly applying fertilizer could lead to the client being disconnected from the server.
  • Fixed: Adding unrestricted claim papers received through settings to a claim stake wouldn't allow to claim more land.
  • Fixed: Interacting with a claim stake containing unrestricted claim papers or adding such to one could lead to the client being disconnected from the server.
  • Removed: Deprecated config variables for Exhaustion in
  • Fixed: Recurve bow was using the wrong specialty for repairing.
  • Fixed: Small court had too many law slots - it now has three (one more than in Update 10.1).
  • Fixed: Bunting recipes in the automatic loom were missing their board ingredient.
  • Fixed: Dirt ramps were an option for the law trigger "open".
  • Fixed: Dirt ramps could not be used with the "pick up and place" and "construct or deconstruct" law triggers.
  • Fixed: Dropping an item on the menu buttons next to the minimap would break the UI.
  • Fixed: Some hints were still mentioning the border control settings to be found on the embassy desk instead of the settlement foundation.
World Objects:
  • Added: On / Off switch for the lighthouse lamp.
  • Fixed: Sitting on the new cast iron furniture was not possible.
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