Hotfix 10.1.4 released!

Posted on February 12th, 2024 10:12 AM EST
Hey Citizens,
we have just released Hotfix 10.1.4 to address the following issues:

  • Fixed: In specific circumstances annexation didn't work due not consuming the necessary resources.
  • Fixed: When a bank account on a bank was destroyed due to the linked settlement dissolving, its owner received double the amount of currency they had on the bank account to their personal account.
  • Fixed: Joining a settlement by placing a homestead with the respective option enabled was not possible when foreign property ownership was disallowed in the immigration policy.
  • Improved: When a deed has more claimed plots than claim papers supporting them, there is now a timer counting down before unsupported plots will be removed.
  • Improved: The error notification when an annexation fails due to not consuming the necessary resources was made more helpful.
  • Fixed: For users of the french and spanish language (and potentially others) spawn points on the map weren't displayed by default.
  • Fixed: A potential issue that could lead to a black circle overlaying the UI.
  • Fixed: The dev flood tool didn't work correctly when trying to add or remove a layer on the top of a body of water.
  • Fixed: When breaking aqueducts or pipes the game could create water source blocks that were unremovable.
  • Improved: The dev flood tool can now remove all connected water, this action is potentially dangerous and requires confirmation in a popup.
  • Improved: Multiple small improvements to aqueducts, making it easier to build and use them. (More changes coming in the future)
  • Fixed: The main menu wasn't displayed when the last joined server / local world was invalid.
  • Fixed: Vehicles on a barge wouldn't get locked when the driver is still in the vehicle.
  • Fixed: Vehicles on a barge could get locked in a flying position.
  • Fixed: Vehicles could stay locked on a barge even after the ramp was opened.
  • Fixed: Multiple issues with collisions at the ramp of barges.
  • Fixed: Claiming via the map didn't work correctly for unfounded settlements.
  • Fixed: Claim papers and stakes could be taken from a town foundation dwithout authorization when swapping them while already having any type of claim papers or stakes in the inventory.
  • Fixed: An issue with the hammer that allowed to rapidly click without limitations at a storage.
  • Fixed: An issue that could cause a server crash and subsequent inability to start the server related to crafting fees.
  • Fixed: An issue that could cause server crash and subsequent removal of all currently running work orders.
  • Fixed: Several issues that could potentially lead to server crashes.
  • Fixed: The /unclaim command didn't work when the linked deed had residents.
  • Fixed: was not reflecting the prolongued civic invalidity timer of 60 minutes from Update 10.1. (Make sure to adjust the config of your server if you have a and want to make use of this change)
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