Version released!

Posted on April 9th, 2019 02:31 PM EST
We have released patch with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed elevators to be usable again.
  • Fixed allocate and tax in the treasury.
  • Mint now performs a single check and single action record per Mint operation (previously it was for every single item in request, for 1000 items - 1000 checks and inserts). It greatly improves Mint speed if Mint limiting law is active and also reduces DB size (in any case).
  • Changed logic of Mint operation. Now it completely aborts Mint operation if you don't pass a law instead of partially execute it (i.e. you have limit of 100 items per day, minted 50 items and try another 100. Old behavior: 50 will be minted + error message. New behavior: operation rejected + error message with corresponding law statement).
  • To prevent extra queries law statement logic changed. Now it counts Mint actions before user action, but also added Current Action Count numeric value. So you can rewrite law as current action count + mint actions count < 101 to have the same effect. Actually buy and sell actions already worked this way, so it brings Mint action in line. Also now you can use Current Action Count with Buy and Sell actions.
  • Fixed several potential crashes
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