The Big Eco Game Event

Posted on January 24th, 2019 05:23 AM EST
Fellow Eco-Players,
the Big Eco Game community event with Jeff Grubb and friends started this night.
They're playing through Eco 8.0 all month long with 70+ players and three major factions!

Multiple people are streaming this event, so here are some of them you can follow to get a look on Eco 8.0 in action on a highly populated server:

- GamesBeat on Twitch
- Jeff Grubb on Twitch
- DrJonez on Twitch
- Rinderblock on Twitch
- Cristian_arg_ on Twitch (Spanish)
- Matt Chandronait on Twitch
- Jesterpc on Twitch
- Skrattybones on Twitch
- GoodWorkVideoGames
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