Maintenance Update 10.2.2 released!

Posted on April 30th, 2024 11:16 AM EST
Hey Citizens,
we have just released Maintenance Update 10.2.2 to address the following issues:

  • Fixed: An exploit that allowed to convert any block material to any other block material when building.
  • Fixed: Multiple causes for memory leaks on servers in relation to room calculations - thanks to all server admins that provided us with valuable data.
  • Fixed: An issue that caused players to have duplicated avatars.
  • Fixed: Added missing "MaxDimensionOfUserTexture" config variable to
  • Improved: Increased experience gain from crafting Nails, Iron, Steel, Modern Tools and Handheld Camera.
  • Improved: Increased the amount of Ceramic Molds returned when crafting Steel Bars from 2 to 3.
  • Improved: Increased the storage radius of the Wooden Transport Ship.
  • Improved: Increased the storage radius of the Store.
  • Improved: Level requirements for shipwright vehicles and dependencies are now in a more logical order.
  • Fixed: Large Cotton Bunting Festive now requires boards to craft, as intended.
  • Fixed: Unrestricted claim papers from the respective server setting or spawned by an admin were considered as homestead papers when trying to join a settlement with such papers in use, preventing to join.
  • Fixed: Usage of unrestricted claim papers with settlements could cause a variety of crashes when the game tried to move them elsewhere due to for example a law action unclaiming or transferring a property.
  • Fixed: An issue that could crash the server and subsequently prevent the world from loading related to property transfers occuring through laws.
  • Fixed: The executive actions for seizing bank accounts and giving reputation weren't respecting jurisdiction.
  • Fixed: Injunctions didn't correctly block selected laws.
  • Fixed: Bank accounts couldn't be deleted.
  • Changed: "BonusRetroactiveHoursAfterStart" and "MaxSavedHours" config options now only take effect when "AllowPlaytimeSaving" is enabled. "BonusHoursOnExhaustionEnabled" will always work, but no longer roll over to the next day when the first login happened shortly before the exhaustion reset. This was changed due to feedback from server admins that the settings were confusing and will be revisited later.
  • Improved: Not applicable settings no longer show in the server info in the server browser.
  • Fixed: Setting "BonusHoursOnExhaustionEnabled" or "MaxSavedHours" config variables to 0 would prevent players that had not connected to the server before that to join it.
  • Fixed: Multiple issues with incorrect resets for exhaustion when the reset time wasn't equal to the change of day in local server time.
  • Added: Reimplemented the ability to disallow uploads in the Printing Press based on feedback from server admins. The formerly deprecated config variable "AllowTextureUpload" in can be used to control that, but will be renamed in a later update to reflect the changed scope of the setting.
  • Fixed: Images that weren't approved could be put into frames.
  • Fixed: Images in frames were visible to players despite not being approved.
  • Fixed: Automatic approval of pictures didn't work with the setting noted in
  • Fixed: A wrong mention of the players' own homestead instead of the settlement they wanted to join in the error message informing the player about their homestead not being covered by enough influence.
World Objects:
  • Fixed: Carved Pumpkin didn't count as lighting object.
  • Fixed: Carved Pumpkins couldn't be used outside.
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