Patch 7.8.6 released!

Posted on December 12th, 2018 09:14 AM EST
We have released patch 7.8.6 with the following changelog:

Server Features:
  • We added the possibility to pause the game. (Look at the "Pause" tab in the server ui)
  • We added support for importing zipped backups. (Place them into the backup directory and it will automatically be unzipped if necessary)

Minor Improvements:
  • The language lock option in the settings has been removed. The language filter by default is only enabled if you play the game in english.
  • The "Your Worlds" menu is now available from the beginning, without the need to start a new game first. This enables players to use direct connection and lan servers right from the start.

Bug fixes:
  • The CO¬≤ feature works correctly again.
  • Servers with long descriptions now appear correctly on the "Recommended" tab and in the server search results.
  • A timeout has been added to direct connections and the error message "Invalid IP Address" for valid connections was removed.
  • The stability of world saves has been improved, it is now less likely that they get corruped during writing to disk.
  • World saves should no longer become corrupted because of too long paths inside them.
Also, some optimisations for legislation checking and the user login were implemented.
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