Update 9.7.7 released!

Posted on January 17th, 2023 10:05 AM EST
Hey Citizens,
we have just released Update 9.7.7, please find the changelog below:

  • Fixed: A failed attempt to overthrow the constitution would nontheless lead to all laws on the server being removed and the web ui no longer displaying prior elections to some players.
  • Fixed: After a failed vote to ratify a constitution in some circumstances it was not possible to try to ratify another one.
  • Fixed: In specific circumstances it was possible to change demographics instantly without having permissions to do so.

  • Fixed: In some cases migration of a world from Update 9.1 could fail.
  • Fixed: Migration of a world from Update 9.5 could fail due to "ghost" districts that were not part of any district map.
  • Fixed: When placing unavailable technical items that can only be spawned by admins (accidentially), the server would crash and no longer boot. (These items are going to be removed from the list of spawnable items)
  • Fixed: An issue with LiteDB that could lead to corruption of the statistics database.

  • Fixed: Some trees frequently had their cut logs being hard to target as their hitbox was offset.
  • Removed: Holiday theme for spruces, storage boxes and elks.
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