Hotfix 10.1.3 released!

Posted on January 30th, 2024 09:03 AM EST
Hey Citizens,
we have just released Hotfix 10.1.3 to address the following issues:

  • Fixed: The crane was causing a client crash when used to pick items up from a storage and could afterwards no longer be removed from the world due to that causing another crash
  • Fixed: Elevators didn't function reliably with vehicles, them sometimes getting stuck or falling through them
  • Fixed: The Twitch plugin sometimes claimed it is disabled on the server, despite it was enabled
  • Fixed: After using /ownit on a vehicle, players authorized on it could no longer be reliably removed
  • Fixed: An issue that could lead to a server crash when the water of a pipe was flowing into a different chunk
  • Fixed: A rare issue that could lead to a server crash and corrupt the savegame, preventing the start of the server
  • Fixed: Memory required only during server connection wasn't freed after the connection finished
  • Fixed: Setting wages on demographics and titles did not correctly setup the recurring transfers for the wage, preventing them from being paid out
  • Fixed: When many property changes occured, the annexation table was unable to reliably show a selection of annexable settlements and too many notifications were triggered
  • Fixed: An issue that could lead to the reputation given by a law to be extremely higher than the set value
  • Fixed: Adding a constitutional amendment under specific circumstances could lead to a client disconnect
  • Improved: Buy orders for Homestead support papers and settlement papers can now specify their origin to be "Any settlement", making acquiring of homestead support papers easier
  • Improved: Hovering over items in the work order bar at a work table will show the tooltip for that specific item again, instead of the general tooltip of the work order bar
  • Improved: The game will now show separate informational error dialogues when connection to steam backend servers or our own was not possible when it was started
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