Hotfix 10.0.2 released!

Posted on December 19th, 2023 11:04 AM EST
Hey Citizens,
we have just released Hotfix 10.0.2 to adress the following issues:

  • Fixed: Multiple usability problems with tools, especially the bows and the fishing rod
  • Improved: Canoes should feel more responsive to your interactions when steering them
  • Improved: Adjusted temperature and moisture ranges for "Flax" plant to have better habitability
  • Removed: The network multiplier for reputation was removed, it was causing confusion to players and is no longer necessary with the new settlements system
  • Fixed: Towns founded by citizens that lost their prior town due to the civics invalidity timer showed a property crisis mentioning deeds that were part of their prior town and do no longer exist
  • Fixed: Custom stats that due to the name of the settlement or its founder had special characters in their full internal name were causing database issues that could lead to a multitude of strange effects
  • Fixed: The law trigger "First Login" wasn't hidden on worlds with settlements turned on, as is intended
  • Improved: Performance on scanning properties when changing laws, this notably improves civic performance
  • Fixed: It wasn't possible to create a new world with randomized world generation through the game client
  • Fixed: It was possible to generate invalid worlds with a height over 160, leading to players seeing a black screen with HUD when joining them after a while. The world generator will no longer generate worlds with a height going over this limit.
  • Fixed: Some players could get stuck at around 80% of loading when reconnecting to a server
  • Improved: Multiple improvements to face tracking, including better webcam detection
For singleplayers (and dedicated servers with settlements turned off) we have added back the ability to gain claim papers (and now also claim stakes) when they read a skill scroll, as it worked in Update 9. These claim papers and stakes work anywhere and are not bound to a settlement. This is enabled by default when a singleplayer world is created with the "No Collaboration" setting and on dedicated servers that have settlements turned off.

For this to work on singleplayer worlds that were created in Update 10, the configuration needs to be adjusted - the easiest way to do this for singleplayers is to create a new world in the client with the default "No Collaboration" setting, adjusting advanced settings as desired, then load their currently played world again - configs apply to all worlds currently and are not saved per world.

The new configuration options are found in file:
- "GiveStakesAndClaimsEvenWhenSettlementsAreEnabled" (Default: false, other than for "No Collaboration" where it is true - Determines if unrestricted claims and stakes are also granted on worlds with settlements enabled, which is the case for all singleplayer worlds newly created in Update 10 and not the case for all singleplayer worlds migrated from Update 9.)
- "ClaimStakesGrantedUponSkillscrollConsumed (Default: 1 - Determines how many unrestricted Claim Stakes are granted when reading a skill scroll.)
- "ClaimPapersGrantedUponSkillscrollConsumed" (Default: 1 - Determines how many unrestricted Claim Papers are granted when reading a skill scroll.)

The last two settings also control the gain for dedicated servers with settlements disabled.
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