Coastal Construction in Eco 10

Posted on September 18th, 2023 11:00 AM EST
Greetings Citizens!

Coming soon to Eco 10: ports! With the introduction of Boats, coastal infrastructure will be crucial to opening up trade and travel between continents. We’ve added lots of new block types you can place directly on water like docks, and other decorative elements to give you that nautical appeal.

Port towns will be very important to the overall economy, and become hubs of trade as resources pass through them between land and sea, connecting far-flung towns with the resources they need from the other side of the world.

Overview of past and coming up blogs:
- Boats and Trade
- Coastal construction (This blog)
- New avatars
- Face tracking avatars
- Photography/painting
- New graphical improvements
- Expanded tech tree
- Twitch plugin
- Towns, Countries, and Federations
- Culture

Coastal Constructions in Eco 10

Original concept art for hewn log docks

We've created a set of dock-specific forms in the Hewn Log blocksets. These specialized blocks were designed for building and expanding your coastal creations, but we aren't going to judge you if you find other creative uses for them.

We’ve also made blocks have much more detail in their close LODs, and we’re going to retrofit all our old blocks to do this as well. This will give us the ability to create more interesting building pieces for you to create with.

As we add more forms to blocksets, we will be looking at ways to improve the UI and UX of form selection. Please feel free to leave feedback related to this, we plan to be giving a lot more time to blocks in future updates.

Moorage Posts can be added to your docks so they are locked in and can’t drift away. These can be crafted from both wood and steel.

Wood Mooring Post

Steel Mooring Post

We’ve introduced two floating buoys that can be placed in the water and used for navigation, additionally these can be used like the moorage posts to stop your boats drifting away.

Steel Buoy

Plastic Buoy

Nautical Decorations
We have also added a series of decorative, nautically themed objects to dress up your coastal areas.

Life Preserver

Ships Wheel

Hanging Buoys

Glass Buoys

Fish Rack

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore upcoming features for Update 10. If you have thoughts, questions, or stories to share, connect with us through our Discord channel. We're eager to see the coastal constructions you'll create in the Eco 10 update.
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