Update 9.7.13 released!

Posted on May 18th, 2023 06:55 AM EST
Hey Citizens,
we've just released Update 9.7.13 to address the following issues:

  • Added: A limit of 5000 characters for election speeches was added to prevent errors in the server log for too long text.
  • Fixed: Triggering a law that records a custom stat with a name length of less than three characters would disconnect the client from the server.
  • Fixed: As a landlord, changing the bank account a rent goes to had no effect until the renter left residency and rented it again.
  • Fixed: An issue with specific laws that caused the boot time of the server to become extremely long.

Art & Effects:
  • Fixed: Texture and highlight for urchin plants were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: Sound effects were not playing when moving through plants.
  • Fixed: Harvest animations were not playing for plants.
  • Fixed: Trees did not have wind animations.

  • Fixed: Debris and plants were not slowing down players and vehicles as intended.

  • Fixed: Several issues with tree trunk physics that could have a multitude of potential negative effects, from them falling underground to catapulting players to space.
  • Fixed: An issue that in specific circumstances could lead to the creation of untargetable ghost rubbles.
  • Fixed: The interaction area for papaya plants was too small.

  • Fixed: In specific circumstances food items in storages would not show or show a wrong shelf life bar until they were moved around.

  • Fixed: A cause for vehicles teleporting across the world was identified and fixed.
  • Updated: ModKit.eco.template was updated.

  • Fixed: Players that had specific special characters in their name would get a unity crash when joining a world.
  • Fixed: Crafting and repairing items did not work when a player with a single-letter name existed in the world.
  • Fixed: Debris and some plants could get rendered at a position they don't exist, leading to invisible debris and plants at the place they actually exist and untargetable debris and plants at the place they pretended to exist.
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