Eco Meteor Shard Plushie available for limited time!

Posted on December 1st, 2022 12:13 PM EST
Hey Citizens,
we're happy to announce that the Meteor Shard, our very first plushie made in cooperation with our friends at Makeship is now available for ordering at:

The Meteor Shard is inspired by the well-known in-game item that all Alpha Backers received for supporting us early (thank you so much!), comes with the iconic chain for hanging and is only available as limited edition via this Makeship campaign until December 23. The campaign basically works like a crowdfunding: We need to reach 200 orders until the end of the campaign for the plushie to be produced starting at the end of December and shipped in March 2023 - which Makeship does worldwide! If we don't reach that amount, you get your full money back, there are no risks involved.

Additionally, everyone that orders a plushie and once it arrived sends us a photo of where the plushie found its new home to support (at) together with their SLG ID will get a unique user icon for their Eco accounts to show off ingame.

Eco players are experts in collaboration and saving the day, so we'll manage that easily, right? Let's make it happen together!

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