[GLOBAL] ECOre: NEW Round 3 | FASTMODE! Tiny one-island planet, 4x speed, 7d meteor

Hostname [NEW!] ECOre: Tiny Island Planet + FastMode!: 7 day meteor! Many cool mods, see description!
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TL;DR: Hard environmental settings. Entirely ice planet. Big stacks, big shovel. Fast stars but specialisation is slow. Education, food taste, food preference (from Eco Core team) are added plus more advanced features built by us, the server owners who are professional programmers by day.

Just like DayZ became it's own game, starting from ARMA, our ambition is to create our own more-challenging version of ECOre. The difference is in the vision. We are currently adding:
Big stuff:
* NPCs and perma-death - via Families: You are limited to what skills you have, but you could put your family to work. Should you die in a war, to an animal or by falling down a mine - you can 'respawn' as a family member. Ownership of your belongings is based on the inheritance laws of the land and what Will/Deed you create. Whole family dies? Start over!
* War/combat (think nations going to war to resolve issues, over starvation, etc, NOT like random Rust trolls)
* Major disasters: Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Droughts, Locusts, Viruses (affecting people AND/OR animals), Earthquakes, and reworking meteors to replenish the land with essential metals
* Colonisation and/or rehabilitation of asteroids and dead planets (think Mars)
* Multi-planet servers (stopped the meteor? great! Build a ship and see if you survive the harsh conditions of the next planet)
* Player health/energy based on food, home temperatures, clothing temperature, etc
* Animal genetic modification (create new animals!)

Smaller stuff (already done or underway/planned)
* Droughts (30% done. Can be mitigated by players with sprinklers and salt water converters)
* Floods (0% done)
* Full land rehabilitation (10%), including but not limited to:
* Production of Soil / Nutrient Rich soil, via a whole new industry chain starting from chemical production of Nitrogen, Potassium etc
* Glasshouses, Airtight glass blocks for large domes to control temperature/moisture, aircons, moisture, heaters (0%)
* Other terraforming tools
* Bigger, better disassembling mod than what's currently available (disassemble ANYTHING, get 30% back) (80% done)
* Harsh world with slower growth rates, harsher pollution, slower tree/plant spread, faster tailings spread (100% done)
* Tree-cutting machines (like the Excavator) (20% done)
* Multi-block-removal tools (40% done)
* Animal husbandry (restore animal populations from extinction!)
* + MORE
* + YOUR IDEAS! Many of the above are ideas from the players.

The server itself runs on enterprise-grade hardware 24/7 with 100% Uptime *(except when we add new mods! Then we go down for just 90 seconds).

We guarantee 2 months uptime from the last moment someone joins.

We are about to launch a members-only second server, based on an asteroid, that you have to rehabilitate, as well as a public large-world server with even harder difficulty settings.


* Beekeeping
* BigShovel (dig dirt fast!)
* Nuclear Reactor...
* Disassembly (get rid of that old trash and outdated tech and old tools!)
* ECGIndustrial (..I forgot what this does lol)
* EMFullPack (Bunch of cool mods like Artistry and custom colours for blocks and glass and cars etc)
* FoodExpanded (tonnes of new cooking recipes!)
* HotWheels (Early game transport - in the form of bikes!)
* PaperMillingExpanded (Actually makes papermilling slightly useful as a skill)
* SeedBarrel (an object to put seeds in..)
* SteamFrontLoader (early-ish game excavator-like thingo, I think...)
* Utopia Hair Mod
* Wooden Bracers (for that old-timey gold-mine style of wooden beams)
* Custom stack sizes
* Discord link bot
* plus more
* Tonne of custom mods not available publicly or on other servers