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Posted on March 12th, 2019 06:08 AM EST
We have released patch with the following fixes and improvements:

* Added new GI quality setting levels.

* Revised existing localized strings
* Added localization to species Yield and Capacity
* Fixed registrar localization category filter failure

* Compost now has a tooltip in the water filter UI.
* Trashed compostables will now turn into compost.
* Pickaxes now work on a damage system rather than a strict tier system. Repeatedly hitting harder rocks will eventually destroy them.
* The water pump was split into a mechanical and electrical version.
* Waste Filters that shut down due to full inventories will now restart themselves if there is more inventory space available.
* Added specialties display in foodstatus hud
* Made water filter accept 20x more throughput (from .1 sewage block per second to 20 sewage blocks per second)
* Made water filter output 10x less compost (from 1 compost per 10 sewage blocks processed to 1 compost per 100 sewage blocks processed)
* Fixed sewage continuing to output after a recipe finished
* Tree trunks now give some wood pulp when destroyed.
* Most non-progress blocking recipes have had their skill level requirements returned. This includes objects like beds, chairs, some light sources, etc.
* Made Character XP tooltip more clear.
* Fixed talent sync, when skill window is open
* Added Food UI hide skills button until skills tutorial
* Fixed xp icon huge lag when no specialty
* Fixed xp icon no specialty "x" sign position
* Fixed skill window opening when you do not have completed tutorial ("z" key, xp bar, specialty bar, chat links, xp icon)
* Fixed skill star flashing and proper number display
* Fixed display for specialty level users
* Fixed skill research and skills ui sync (on server restart, on missing resources, etc)
* Now you can see the hotkey "Z" for open skill browser during mouseover it

* Fixed rare issue with crossing borders after a vehicle was destroyed while the player was driving
* Fixed various issues with mounting other players on vehicles
* Fixed vehicle speed multiplier on ramps
* Removed Users from Tax/Allocate menu
* Added Bank accounts to Tax/Allocate menu
* Added proper messages on Tax
* Optimized tax/allocate to use with old system (users list, ex for laws)
* Added tooltips to bank accounts in allocate/tax menu
* Fixed bank account dropdown update on leader changes
* Added law tax from all accounts
* Fixed zero tax display
* Fixed world leader removal from treasury bank account
* "Your currency" law clause now counts all funds on all accounts!
* Fixed transfer dialog ui fields reset on tied ones changed
* Divided direct transfer taxes (self & public)
* Fixed currency limiter in economy viewer
* Fixed wrong currency indexing in dropdowns
* Fixed durability display in store offers
* Fixed store headers (now sticky)
* Added ability to set negative prices in trade offers
* Fixed world leader sync in government tab
* Fixed world leader removal from Treasury bank account
* Fixed "Your Currency" counting in laws and law taxing account pickup. Now it accepts only managed/created by you accounts except special ones, like treasury, etc.
Server Webpage
* Web map now animates voxel change history
* Started storing full-resolution terrain history
* Web map now starts paused at the current server time, switching layers while in this state is much more responsive.
* Added a layer comparison page with synchronized maps

Other Fixes
* Updated Aura to address memory leak issue
* Optimized rubble even more.
* Specialization tutorial now appears after food tutorial
* Replaced the "ExperiencePerAction" option on the server with a "PlayerExperiencePerSpecialtyExperience" option which grants experience for overall levels when players gain specialty experience. As with the previous option, this is not intended for normal use.
* Updated sprites on pies (foodstatusUI)
* Fixed server crash when loading after demographic was repealed by law

This update includes parts of the planned performance fixed for Update 8.1.

There is a known issue with a memory leak on servers, which will be fixed later this day with patch
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