Update 9.7.9 released!

Posted on February 23rd, 2023 01:02 PM EST
Hey Citizens,
we're releasing Update 9.7.9 to mainly address a memory issue with servers:

  • Fixed: Contracts would show an accept button for the creator if they were an admin and cause errors when the payment clause was used.
  • Fixed: Custom Stats containing absurdly high numbers could lead to the server no longer booting.

  • Fixed: Wrong initialization order that in specific circumstances could lead to the server no longer booting.
  • Fixed: Issues with memory allocation and garbage collection, especially on AMD CPUs with many cores and a tighter memory budget, that could lead to major lags and server crashes.

  • Improved: Clarified description for "GrowthRateModifier" server setting. (Note: There is a known issue with the soil sampler showing incorrect growth times, this will be fixed in Performance Update 3.)
  • Fixed: Usability of legacy GameValue API for mods restored, it will be completely removed in Update 10.
  • Fixed: Removed rooms were never truly removed from their deeds, using unnecessary memory.
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