Update 9.7.4 released!

Posted on December 13th, 2022 10:15 AM EST
Hey Eco Citizens,
we have just released Update 9.7.4 addressing a bunch of issues while we continue the work on the second major part of the 9.7 performance update series:

  • Improved: The /profiler command for server profiling was improved and it is now possible to start all important profilings with /profiler everything.
  • Fixed: Some players, usually with a cpu with a low amount of cores, would experience FPS drops when moving.

  • Fixed: Stores using the treasury would close after a server restart.

  • Fixed: The sound for a broken tool was no longer playing consistently.
  • Fixed: The display of tool durability showed wrong values.
  • Fixed: The durability bar of tools would vanish after a tool was moved.

World Objects
  • Fixed: Housing points for multiple, repeated rooms did not get reduced properly.
  • Fixed: The Futon Couch was missing its model in the world.

  • Fixed: The game would take a long time to close or crash during the closing process.
  • Fixed: In rare cases a client could get kicked from the server when trying to place a Steam Truck.
  • Fixed: In rare cases players could crash shortly after joining a world.
  • Fixed: A blank entry appeared in the minimap selection settings.
  • Fixed: The details for a work order would sometimes not be shown in its tooltip.
  • Fixed: In rare cases servers could become unjoinable, instead displaying an error until a restart.
  • Fixed: The /unstuck command would fail in some cases when being underground and no longer dismount the player from vehicles.

The work in progress second major part of the 9.7 Performance Update series is currently on the public branch "playtest", accessible via Steam by right clicking Eco in your library, choosing Properties -> Betas and selecting "playtest" in the drop down. You're invited to join our test server White Tiger, and help us out with getting feedback and data for further improvements. You can find all details about the playtest, how to join and how to profile your performance on our discord: https://discord.gg/eco

Also for those of you interested in our Eco Meteor Plushie - we're at half time and half funded, let's get it over the goal line together: https://www.makeship.com/products/meteor-plush
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