Update 9.7.2 released!

Posted on November 23rd, 2022 08:00 PM EST
Hey Eco Citizens,
we're releasing Update 9.7.2 to address some more issues:

We identified and fixed some issues that were affecting performance especially on larger servers:
  • Improved: We reduced the amount of position and rotation updates sent for minimap objects.
  • Improved: We improved the rendering of deed icons on the minimap by using methods intended for static instead of moving icons.
  • Improved: We removed the sending of unnecessary duplicated updates for bank accounts.
There is additional improvements for the minimap coming in one of the next updates.

  • Fixed: The Modern Glassworking module is now correctly accepted in the Electronics Assembly instead of the Electric Machinist Table.

  • Fixed: If recurring transfers from titles were present in a world, the world could not be migrated.
  • Fixed: If a chair object that is unavailable to get via normal game means was present in the world, the world could not be migrated.
  • Fixed: Under specific circumstances related to titles and tooltips the server could crash.

  • Fixed: A critical exploit related to laws.
    Fixed: Players driving a vehicle below a body of water would get wrongly ejected from their vehicle for being in water.
  • Fixed: When using legacy controls, entering a cart would always place the avatar facing north, no matter what direction it was facing when entering.
  • Fixed: Parts of the in-development feature "Settlements" were unintendedly enabled in this release.
  • Fixed: The animation for harvesting a plant didn't work correctly when holding a land claim stake.
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