Update 9.6.1 Released!

Posted on September 2nd, 2022 02:01 PM EST
Hey Citizens,
we have just released Update 9.6.1 that includes some key fixes and polish to new features, as well as a built-in sign for the shop cart to display text to potential customers. It has been great hearing feedback from the community on all the new changes, and we are committed to frequent updates as we work towards our next major release!

Note: As part of a migration fix for this update, servers that have been created since the release of Update 9.6 with laws that reference the abandoned demographic will need to revise these laws to make sure the demographic is correctly set to "abandoned" - it is possible that laws that were intended to target abandoned citizens will affect active players otherwise!

  • Fixed: The avatar would get stuck with their arms outstretched after dismounting from carts
  • Fixed: It was possible to move other’s avatar by running into them
  • Fixed: Tools would sometimes have an incorrect position on the backpack in third person
  • Fixed: Plants & foliage could appear to vanish when turning around in an area
  • Fixed: Plants would sometimes fail to render and would only show outline when targeted by a tool
  • Fixed: Changing the Shadow Quality could break how water appeared
  • Fixed: Bowls and plates would be missing when eating food with the right mouse button
  • Fixed: Eating sounds would not play after the first time when using the right mouse button
  • Fixed: Rice and Camas Bulb were not displaying properly when held and during eating animations
  • Fixed: Charred Heart of Palm was missing in third person view
  • The Shop Cart now has a built-in sign to display text (only one side for now)
  • Fixed: Vehicles would tend to teleport themselves into an unreachable location
  • Fixed: Work Parties that involved tagged ingredients would crash the server upon restart If they were left partially finished
  • Fixed: Worlds that migrated to 9.6 which had civics that referenced the Abandoned demographic would have this demographic changed to the Long-Term demographic
  • Fixed: Chat Zen mode would sometimes still show the background when hovering the mouse between tabs
  • Fixed: Unneeded debug logs removed from the ModKit
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