Update 9.5.2 released!

Posted on May 18th, 2022 03:58 AM EST
Hey Eco Citizens,
we're releasing Update 9.5.2 to address some more of the problems you have been reporting:

Fixed: The client would sometimes crash with error message related to concurrent updates
Fixed: Setting the Weight Multiplier could cause incorrect weight calculations in inventories
Fixed: Increasing the Stack Size multiplier allowed more than one upgrade to be placed in a work station
Fixed: For some workstations, like the Machinist Table, placing a module in the same room would not be recognized until after the next room update.
Fixed: Laws that used a Citizen Timer trigger were not allowing Citizen to be used as a variable in a Condition check.
Fixed: Deleting a vehicle deed could cause empty deeds to be linked in chat.
Fixed: Civics would get invalidated after revising and passing them, reverting them to the prior version
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