Update 9.5.1 released!

Posted on May 11th, 2022 05:52 PM EST
Hey Eco Citizens,
today we're releasing Update 9.5.1, adding some polish for and fixing some of the notable bugs with some of the new additions in Update 9.5. This update should bring improved stability and includes several fixes for crashes and failed migrations. We also have included some changes to the chat channel system and animal hit notifications based on your feedback. Thanks so much for that, we really appreciate it.

  • Fixed: Ambient sounds during initial game launch were not respecting in-game volume settings
  • Fixed: Alt-tabbing while running underwater caused a large sound when returning to Eco
  • Fixed: The audio for chopping trees would sometimes stop playing
  • Changed: Moved civic notifications to chat
  • Changed: Added Government notification category in the chat
  • Fixed: When responding to a DM from someone with spaces in their name, it could send the message to someone who had the first word of the name as their own name
  • Fixed: Chat was not hiding correctly when the Eco Log tab was open
  • Fixed: When relogging, unread messages in hidden tabs didn't show their notification badges correctly
  • Fixed: In some cases, hidden tabs didn't show their unread message badges even after receiving new messages
  • Fixed: Hidden tabs sometimes still showed their notification badges despite all message being read
  • Fixed: Italicized text was getting clipped in new lines of the news feed
  • Fixed: The chat command for listing admins was showing all players
  • Changed: Added more info for money transactions related to laws
  • Fixed: Debt was not always being removed after repaying a cleared contract
  • Fixed: The Withdraw from Election button was not displaying an error when no election was selected
  • Fixed: Glass could have strange lighting tints, especially at sunrise and sunset
  • Fixed: The server config for storage link range settings was not being respected after server restart
  • Fixed: The consolidate inventory button was not working for objects with built in storage, like vehicles
  • Fixed: Consolidating inventories on migrated worlds where items were stored in objects with new restrictions that would otherwise prevent the item from being stored here would cause a crash. Such items on consolidating will now be moved to Void Storage.
  • Fixed: Authorized users of a store were unable to rename categories or delete items from sale
  • Fixed: When a modded item was added for sale in a store and later removed from the server, it would cause the save to be unloadable. Removed items will now be removed from stores
  • Fixed: Barter trades were failing without an error message
  • Fixed: When the store was set to barter mode, there was incorrect padding in "Checkout" area
  • Fixed: When having over 20,000 items of inventory in a store, the quantity text would exceed the limitations of the frame
  • Added: New hint tooltips for various buttons in the HUD UI
  • Fixed: Tooltips were missing from items in the Item Selector
  • Fixed: Tooltips tended to refresh when it was not necessary
  • Fixed: Complex laws and civics could result in an unwieldy tooltip that took up a large portion of the screen
  • Fixed: Recipe tooltips were not displaying text for tags with non-unique plural names
  • Fixed: Currency text was missing from the Transactions UI when checking the tooltip for truncated text
  • Fixed: Nylon Carpet was showing the tooltip for Wool Curtains
  • Changed: Adjusted up pop-up notifications when damaging an animal with a bow (number only, text doesn't follow animal, different colors for headshots vs bodyshots).
  • Changed: Updated Localization for a variety of phrases and languages
  • Fixed: Hovering effect not getting updated when scrolling in a dropdown menu
  • Fixed: Void Storage Icon was missing its animation
  • Fixed: Profession Overview wasn't showing the specialty levels of the players who had learned a specialty
  • Fixed: Preferred Playtimes menu was not showing hours above the time grid
  • Fixed: The minimap would glitch for one frame when being opened for the first time
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