Update 9.4.2 released!

Posted on September 22nd, 2021 08:13 PM EST
With this update comes a variety of bug fixes, improvements, and balance changes.

Please note: Large servers may experience a longer than normal loading period when initializing properties due to a bug fix that clears out empty deeds from the database.

Civics & Contracts
  • Fixed: Custom stats for civics were still recording even when the action that triggered the stat increase was prevented
  • Fixed: Text formulas in laws could sometimes cause the server to crash and the save to become corrupted
  • Fixed: The Distribution Station was incorrectly using time played to determine if eligible to receive items, rather than using days since joining the server
  • Fixed: Contracts were unable to be marked as failed
  • Fixed: Admin command /titles unassign was not working when targeting someone besides self
  • Fixed: It was not possible to repay loans when using a personal account
  • Fixed: Amount owed for a loan contract would not always update to reflect the amount remaining after making a partial payment
Food & Nutrition
  • Added modable variables for minimum calories and minimum nutrients provided for food items to be eligible for cravings (default is 200 calories and 12 nutrients)
  • Increased default amount of calories provided for food items to be eligible to a favorite/least favorite food to 500 from 50
  • Added modable variable for minimum nutrients provided to be a favorite/least favorite (default is 50)
  • Increased default minimum calories needed to be considered for Food Variety to 100 from 50
  • Increased default number of foods needed for Food Variety bonus to be hard capped from 40 to 60
  • Fixed: Food variety bonus would instantly jump up to the hard cap of 50% bonus when reaching the soft cap of 25%
  • Fixed: Sound effect for eating was not playing
  • Added mod support for UI prefabs for a collection of variable types: Boolean, IEnumerable, Int32, and String
  • Fixed: Servers with large mods could experience slowdown when multiple people were connecting to the server for the first time and needed to download mods
  • Fixed: Quick Join & URL links would not did not properly launch with Steam version of Eco
  • Updated Localization to cover many new strings
  • Updated tooltips for Lavish Workspace and Frugal Workspace talents to indicate the crafting tables must be placed on claimed land for these talents to work
  • Property overlay is now displayed by on the map by default (It can still be disabled)
  • Fixed: Punctuation marks in chat were displaying an empty deed
  • Fixed: Pollution & sea level rise were missing statistics on the web UI
  • Fixed: Local worlds saves were unable to be sorted by date last played
  • Fixed: When scrolling in the server browser, the background shade for servers was appearing above the server list
  • Fixed: Opening the citizen object UI was showing the World Progress tab by default rather than the citizen objectives
  • Fixed: Exhaustion preference UI now displays units to indicate the number selection is based on hours
  • Fixed: There were typos in the Ecopedia "Trade" and "Property" entries
  • Fixed: After playing for a long amount of time, new chat messages and notifications would sometimes stop displaying
  • Fixed: "Setting Up Shop" achievement was not displaying an icon when unlocked
  • Fixed: When level 0 in a specialty, the experience tooltip for this specialty would display symbols rather than a number for the amount of experience needed to level up this specialty
Vehicles & Tools
  • Further polished legacy cart controls to fully restore old cart behavior
  • Fixed: Skid steer did not have its normal smooth movement when picking up rubble
  • Fixed: Vehicles could slide on ramps even when movement keys were not being pressed
  • Fixed: Vehicles would sometimes disappear when crossing zero point on the map
  • Fixed: In some situations, tools would no longer work after switching from third person view to first person
  • Fixed: When using tools in third-person view, they could have faster animations than when using them in first-person view
General Fixes:
  • Fixed: It was possible to place objects on the edge of property that overlapped into other's property
  • Fixed: Doors incorrectly required solid ground both in front of and behind the door in order to be placed in a location
  • Fixed: On rare occasions, a server would be unable to start after a restart due to being unable to load the chat
  • Fixed: Missing inventory stacks caused by removing modded items caused a NullReferenceException crash
  • Fixed: Incompatibilities in the latest Unity version were causing hard to identify client crashes
  • Fixed: Avatar could sometimes clip through the ground when moving through zero point
  • Fixed: Using command "/skills all" followed by command "point" caused Eco to freeze
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