Update 9.4.1 released! Legacy Cart Controls added

Posted on August 24th, 2021 05:43 PM EST
With our first follow up patch to Update 9.4, we have added an option to enable the legacy cart control scheme, improved mod compatibility for popular mods from 9.3, and implemented multiple bug fixes to address some of the key issues that have been impacting gameplay.

Legacy Cart Control Option
With Update 9.4, we introduced a new control scheme for carts that enabled the camera to rotate while in third person. As part of this, the control scheme for carts was changed so turning was moved to the keyboard. We have been listening closely to feedback, and found some prefer the old control scheme that allowed turning with the mouse. With this update, everyone will have the option to pick which control style they prefer. This setting can be found in the controls menu, and enabling this toggle will make carts use the old style of control.

  • Wind generators now calculate height bonus from the center of the blades instead of the top occupancy point
  • Brick Fireplace recipe moved to Kiln from Masonry Table so it can benefit from Pottery upgrades
  • Slight nutrient buff to Sunflower
  • Fixed: Seed recipes on the Farmers Table were not benefiting from increased crafting speed from upgrades
  • Fixed: Sunflower did not have increased stack size on Steam Tractor
  • Fixed: Some popular mods from 9.3 were not compatible with 9.4 due to changes in how chat handled custom commands
  • Added option to the control settings to enable legacy cart controls which uses mouse look to turn instead of the keyboard
  • Turned down camera sway when turning with a cart in first person
  • Fixed: Carts were having trouble getting enough momentum to climb ramps
  • Fixed: Carts were not able to easily transition off ramps unless the connected block was tamped with a road tool
  • Fixed: Desired purchase quantities for stores would reset to 0 when scrolling with the mouse wheel
  • Fixed: Economy Viewer was not displaying all text when using Chinese language
Other Fixes
  • Disabled option for servers to enable the experimental Education & Settlements feature
  • Decreased match score benefit when a server has the Needs Immigrants status from losing active players
  • Fixed: Setting the Specialty Cost Multiplier to 0 would cause the server to crash
  • Fixed: A desync in the client would occasionally cause a crash related to the RPCManager
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